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Thursday, May 06, 2004  

Still moving slowly - well, one ought to expect it after such a blow-out grand weekend. It doesn't help, either, to have the house in turmoil. The marvelous Sheryl is coming - either today or tomorrow, and I plan to stay home so we can put the upstairs bedroom back in order together.

LD's girlfriend graduates from college this weekend and she had asked if she could bring some of her friends down for some R&R on the river. Of course, we said yes, but of course, this was back before the MwP showed up. Of course, nothing has been settled, so the status is - we may be giving a party this weekend or maybe her parents will and the friends will come later or maybe they'll all stay over at LD's and just use our place as a cabana beach house launch pad. Somehow, like the blase attitude I've had all along about this huge renovative upheaval, it all just seems as if it will work out.

I've been typing wrong or funny or something, and my right wrist is tingly, so I shan't type much more. Just a note, now, to promise photos later today - probably much later, like 4 o'clock. MSW shots and some home photos too.

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