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It opens up very fast for me but I'm on broadband. I think it's your connection.

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:57 AM  

I'm with her. It opens fine for me at both home and work -- but then, at home I have cable and at the office, ADSL...

By Blogger Margaret, at 8:59 AM  

Yesterday morning I couldn't open your blog at all. Something about no longer being available. You know, one of those generic messages. Anyway, later in the day and again this morning I had no problem. I do have DSL which seems to work even if SBC is having labor relations problems.

By Blogger Larry, at 9:28 AM  

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004  

Running late this a.m. - was having the most entertaining sleep, the sort filled with intense dreams that you find yourself commenting on even while you dream them. Who wants to wake up from that?

So tell me - is this blog so dang slow to open up spiders spin webs between you and the monitor? It opens up fast enough at work, but those machines are running over t1 lines. My poky dial up on the old windows98 cluttered machine takes so long to open up the internet connection often drops. Is it my computer, is it Blogger or have I put some sort of snail code into the template? Leave me a tag, please, or a comment.

On the home front, our little community is taking a lot of personal blows. A tragic death, another shocking health crisis - everyone is holding his breath, waiting for the next one. In a place with only 10,000 people, folk who you would think of as acquaintances have more of a distant cousin place in your life, while practically-strangers still belong to you. We will close the library tomorrow so all the staff can go to the funeral. It's that sort of place.

I put together a little outline of things that ought to go into the Pioneer Story yesterday - a pleasant lunchtime activity - and suddenly realized why I'd never begun to write it down. Goodness - it spans 6 years of my life! One hopes, at least, this one hopes, to put up another segment by Friday. Tonight is the kiddie ballet recital - as entertaining as my favorite spectator sport - Little League baseball games.

I've got my castle wheel from Larry (I am still not quite sure if it's time to christen this baby, so I can't tell you it's name yet) up and running again. I'm spinning a mohair/wool blend I picked up at MSW. It's a bronzy green smoky color - I'm seeing a sweater like those loosely knit cabled things in Knitting the new Classics.

And I'm still plugging away on the lovely pink silk shawl. Progress made - that's about all I can report. Maybe I ought to shut up about it till it's done.

posted by Bess | 7:25 AM