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Monday, May 31, 2004  

The pink silk shawlette is finished. What fun knitting with silk is. I had no idea I would enjoy working with this so very much. It makes me glad I've got the skeins of silk I worked on last winter, both the handspun and the gold I dyed to go with it. It may just be the second thing I'll pick up next. The first thing will be the purple mohair lace - which I shall begin on today. I'm shamefully late with it, since it's a piece of work I promised to do for someone else. Fortunately the someone is a friend with a rather vast capacity to forgive.

The other exciting knitting activity on my horizon is the Lily Chin class I am taking next Sunday. It's sponsored by GotYarn in Richmond and the class is called something like Knitting every which way. It sounds like a math class to me - geometry in action, one might say. I'm enormously excited about this, not just because I'll be taking a class from one of the name brand teachers, but because I'll be hooking up with A, who's taking the Saturday morning class. We have an afternoon of play planned and will spend the night with my parents.

The last time Lily Chin taught a class in Richmond I didn't sign up, because I thought I wasn't skilled enough to take her class. Later I realized, duh, Bess, I would certainly have been a better knitter had I taken the class. Heck, I could have just sat in the corner and listened. I swore that would be the last time I sold myself short like that. Eh. Well. Everybody has a shy moment over something, now and then.

Yesterday was a lovely cool gray day - not rainy, but promising rain. Weather dot com does more than promise in it's forecast today - looks like big wads of green on the map - and that means rain. A good day to play with fiber. As well as finishing the pink silk, I spun some more bronzey green yarn on my castle wheel. I've done some minor adjustments on it and it's now a joy to spin on. It has such pretty bobbins, made even prettier when they are full of yarn.

After lunch yesterday, BD and I went down river in the boat and picked up H. Waves were a little choppy, two feet or so, out in the channel. We puttered along the shoreline on the Richmond County side, while the two of them reminisced about all the summers when the two families stayed at Naylor's Beach. Back then, the cottages were just that, little, simple, bare dwellings where cousins slept on pallets on the porch and grownups crowded 2 and 3 in the few spare bedrooms. Rent was cheap, food was simple, working folk could enjoy a week on the water, cheek by jowl with fishermen, farmers and a few retirees in year 'round homes.

Fast forward 35 years and it's all vinyl affluence, SUV's and high dollar rental property. The same size lots, mind, but every one with a satellite dish and Internet access and garages as big as the house itself. In fact, there's hardly a cottage left, just 2,500+ square feet of wall-to-wall. Well, times change, and that's for sure.

Upstream from Laurel Park, the uppermost subdivision, it greens up into farmland once again and much of that has been put into easements, national trusts and wildlife preserves. Interesting how the upper end of the county just won't develop. When you see two houses together, you can pretty much be sure that gramma and granddad live in one and the son lives next door with the grandkids.

We puttered up beneath the eagle's nest that Jen and I visited last spring. The babies ought to be hatched now, but we didn't see them, or even the top of the nest, just a cluster of sticks in a crook in the pine tree. You can't really get up close to the high ground by boat so we didn't upset the adults. We were using the binoculars, though, and we got a good view of one of them.

So now it is Monday, and a holiday, and this is a short week, and it is crowned next weekend with a knitting class and a visit with a friend. Doesn't that sound just about perfect to you?

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