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Thursday, May 13, 2004  

I've been hanging out too much on computers and my right hand is telling me to keep it light today - and tomorrow and on into the next few days. So my posts will be brief, perhaps lacking their usual sparkle.

The birthday dinner was 100% perfect. It was a red letter day for all, including GF, who was offered a job in her field, which is not teaching. As a less than one week old college graduate in a rural community, that's about as close to 100% as it ever gets. No one had eaten filled cake in so many years, our bodies could barely absorb the sugar. I had the good sense to take only a nibble. Everybody else had to take midnight walks to deal with the reving and crashing metabolisms. I guess you gotta be a kid to eat like that.

I'm knitting a lovely little pink silk lace shawl - or perhaps large scarf - as fast as I can. It's the first shawl in Meg Swansen's A Gathering of Lace, knit from side to side. You cast on, knit ever longer rows till you've used up half your yarn, then knit ever shorter ones. I had thought I could get a summer scarf out the yarn I have, some lovely hand dyed silk I made last February when visiting Jen, but Amy Detjen, the designer, suggested using big needles and making it very cobwebby. Looks pretty good to me. Fortunately, the recipient of this item is an XS woman. Shawl or scarf, it's a great use for this type of yarn and the silk is as soft as a baby's cheek.

We slept in LD's old room last night as everything in my room is jumbled into the middle of the floor. Two more days and it's all done except the putting back. What a month. Pictures have been requested and perhaps I shall do just that - we shall see.

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