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Monday, May 24, 2004  

It's mighty quiet out there in blogger land. I guess folk just had too many summertime distractions to post much. We certainly are awash in summertime. Days in the 90's. Mayflies. Lightening bugs. Shedding dogs.

I used to hate summertime, because it never lived up to the promise we carried home with us, along with report cards, crumpled, long forgotten sweaters, and ratty spiral notebooks, on that last day of school. I never got in trouble at school. Oh, I may or may not make good grades, but I never did so poorly the teachers didn't like me. The only teacher I remember who didn't like me was such a witch she didn't like anybody. But the good behavior demands of school were so minimal it was easy to be a success. I got into all my trouble at home, so that was the place to watch out for. And the more you were at home, the odds were, the more you'd get into trouble. 3 months of being at home every day just lurked with danger.

Huh. Funny the things that bubble up to the surface when one sits down at a keyboard. I really like being at home nowadays, but then - I'm the one in charge (of me, at least) - so there's no opportunity to fail here. Or at least, my failures are only judged by me. BD has long since learned how to cook his favorite deep fat fried grease in grease and he'll eat my dietfood if I make enough of it. And then, all my toys are at home.

Speaking of toys, I got the stash into the wardrobe. It seemed to grow exponentially between the pre-MSW sorting and the post. No Duh, of course, but as I sorted, stuffed, and finally just crammed - I sort of got the creeps about the size of my stash. It was - for lack of a better word - repugnant. I am way over my comfort limit. Big time. This is a serious enough problem that I actually made a prioritized list of things I must finish before I touch my checkbook again. No less than 10 items go out of the den - period.

Of course, first on the list is the time-sensitive pink silk shawl. It really is sliding down the hill to completion and it's so pretty I am thinking another one of them may be one of the projects at the bottom of the List-0-Death, where I have scribbled "5 other projects". I've had to fudge a few bits here and there, and there's one diamond that ended up having some stockinette stitches in it, instead of garter. Nobody would notice without me pointing it out and I just may duplicate stitch some initials there. Might be a nice touch. Or I may just ignore it. But it's a lovely, lovely thing and I simply adore knitting with silk.

This is a long week for me, for I've promised to cover for someone on Saturday. I don't mind. Working on Saturday always feels like not working at all. And I can take a comp day anytime I want to. But it will have an impact on how much I get written on the Pioneer Story. That's a lot harder to write than a regular blog entry because I have to dig so deep into the old memory pits. I'll be sure to make a note of it here, each time I update the thing.

And now. It looks like there's some time to get in a few more rows of pink silk lace.

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