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I'll be spinning some superwash merino, too, and in my early spinning days, so I'll need some extra help - let me know if you find some surefire technique that makes it easy! (ha!)

Can't wait to bring the boys for a visit - and maybe bring the wheel with me too (if they deliver it fast enough!!!)

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Sunday, May 23, 2004  

The blue wardrobe is now ensconced in the den - where it is almost, but not quite, too big for the space allotted. I may still shift a little furniture around, but the main task today will be to reorganize the stash for the third time in 6 weeks.

Dogs have been banished from the house till they've quit shedding. I completely failed at putting the new mop head on the old stick, and now wish I'd popped the extra $2 for a new mop. One more lawn'n'leaf bag full of donations to the goodwill has been assembled and two more bags of just plain trash as well. I also discovered another 2 bags of yarn stuffed into one of the cubby type spaces under the eaves, along with BD's missing bag of coins. That was a happy event, for we'd looked for the stupid thing for 2 years and not found it. I'd even seen the bag, a canvas bank bag, of the kind Brinks uses to carry $$$ around. But it just looked like more fiber junk, abandoned, forgotten, gathering dust. It wasn't till I tried to move it that I realized it was a bag of money, not a pair of old canvas shorts. BD says it makes him feel like Scrooge McDuck to pick it up, but after being reunited with it yesterday, he's decided to cash it all in on a fabulous celebratory dinner out. Is this a great guy, or what!?

But all of yesterday's efforts in discovery failed to turn up the diary I kept that first summer we lived in the woods. I have, as I said, never let anybody read it, because it is too full of my own secret sugary doubtful heart. But it would be a very useful guide to an accurate chronology of what we actually did down here, that first summer. Did we visit the Building Inspector our first full day here, or did we wander through the woods first? Did the escaped convicts go missing before the rains came or after? How soon did we meet Pete Bowe? That sort of thing.

Well, I shall see what I can dredge from the old memory vaults.

I spun a little superwash merino yesterday. What a strange fiber. A little like silk, but still like wool. I tried carding two colors together - what a hoot! With no scales left on the fibers to grab onto anything, you don't really get rolags. Just a mush of fiber. It tended to spin lumpy too. I also fixed the leather bit on the castle wheel L sent me. I've experimented a bit with the angle of the treadle and softened it some. Now I can spin in two rooms - or on two different projects.

Knit a bit more on the silk shawl, too - but I was doing that at my darling H's place and after the first glass of wine I knew it would be stupid to fiddle with lace knitting.

The day lies ahead, though - with only fun things to do. Just my kind of Sunday.

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