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Friday, May 28, 2004  

Aha - so it’s loading the photos that took so bloomin’ long. LtQ popped up in its usual poky time frame today, now that it's scrolled away from May 19. Huh - wonder if it was because they were .bpm files instead of .jpg?

I spent the afternoon with BD deciphering columns of numbers and at the end, not only was everything accounted for, but the numbers were black instead of red. This euphoria inducing conclusion to what had loomed as a dark demon day left us in such a celebratory mood we went out to dinner. It’s amazing just how deeply intimate money can be. We’ve had a pretty comfortable approach to $ most of our married life, but now and then we’ve had to really settle accounts, and it’s amazing how difficult that can be. Oh, not the making sure we weren’t being wasteful, but the line by line, column by column bookkeeping accounting type of stuff. At the fundamental level, the “do I trust you” level, we’ve always had a completely open, free flowing relationship. It’s the “what is this withdrawal labeled ‘cash’ for?” type of thing that we’d been putting off - the ‘what’s in that cupboard?’ kind of questions that we’d avoided answering. I had just been putting off learning his business, even though I knew it couldn’t be all that complicated. And it wasn’t. Actually it was fascinating. And he was so happy to have someone to share it all with - we were pretty giddy the rest of the day.

So - I was typing away on this when I heard the most strange sort of dog howl. I went out and found Topsy lying in the old woodshed, her leg caught in the handle of a tin bucket. I’ve freed her, and she could stand briefly, so the leg isn’t broken, but she tumbled back down again. I’ll let her rest a bit, and then BD and I will both go out and see how she’s doing.

If there’s a chance I’ll post to the Pioneer Story today. Only one more repeat of the silk shawl to go.

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