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Sunday, April 11, 2004  

Well. I am glad I let the Knitters Magazine subscription lapse. There was nothing in it I would be interested in except for the clever technique of slip knitting with two different types of yarn - a ribbon and a mohair. The idea was cool. I can see myself using it. But not for so long from now - there are so many other projects already in line, I suspect I'll see the technique getting a whole book of its own before I need to use it.

And talk about knitting magazines! B&N had a British publication in the stacks: Knitting New. Or maybe just Knitting. It was fun to peruse, sort of like looking at the Paris Edition of Vogue, but it wasn't quite interesting enough to purchase. Also, it cost $8. But I did pick up INKnits and Knit 'n Style. Again - for the articles alone, they are worth the $, besides having patterns that inspired me.

But goodness - what a lot of knitting magazines - That makes 8 different publications available at any given time. Pretty cool.

So, sacrificing an entire day to driving around the city, and spending rather lots more time in the Mecca of Hardware Stores was rewarded with two lovely magazines to while away my spare time with. I do enjoy wandering around Pleasants Hardware, mind you. It is almost as interesting as, say, Hunt Country Yarns, though far less likely to make my heart palpitate. Best of all, I found exactly the thing I want to give LD for either his birthday or Christmas. It’s more in the price range of a Christmas type present, but I know he can really use it before then, and his birthday is next month. Well, BD agreed with me, but we are just now about to drop major $ on the other things in our life - like my step-son’s graduation from Law School - cum laude - who do you think is so proud he could pop? Attending means flying to Oregon for BD and the MenWithTools&PaintBrushes show up Monday, so they promise. There go more $. And April 15 is Thursday! Yikes! I forgot about that.

Okay - we can do that gift later. The good thing is, it's filed in the gift-registry portion of my brain.

There was some good solid knitting done, too, on the Alice Starmore hat. I'm halfway through the first pattern, will finish that today, and that is halfway through the whole hat. The yarn is delicious to knit with. I'm using size 2 (3mm) coated Inox - those marvelous tips make fixing little errors a breeze. The yarn splits now and then, it's a 2-ply yarn. Very much like knitting with my own handspun 2 ply.

Today unfolds with delightful solitude, for last night B&LD made plans to go off together. What is on my agenda?

· some quiet contemplation of the season
· spinning the blue merino
· dyeing more if I need it (thank goodness I used a stock color)
· knitting on the Alice Starmore hat
· ripping out the BunnyBonnet

Hmmmm. Sounds like a perfect day.

But first - some aerobic exercise. This body is entirely too fluffy.

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