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Thursday, April 08, 2004  

Warning - utterly pointless rant first

Ugh. I am exhausted. My body is still flirting around with certain youthful, but utterly useless, cyclical rituals; I was up till 11 last night (Yes, me!!) with the Rug Doctor performing another cyclical ritual - sucking up winter's mud, soot, and dog hair; and this, after suffering one of the most repugnant indignities caused by that blanketyblank daylight savings time - the DinnerPartner who thinks that, since it's still light outside there is time before dinner to: put another coat of paint on the boat - engage in lengthy conversations on the phone - make some sort of Indian candle out of some stick he found in the yard - move the tree out of the road (the one that forced me to drive out into the field in order to get the Rug Doctor up to the house) - and punctuate each task with ritual hand washings at the Kitchen Sink - when we have two bathrooms in this house - while I was trying to cook the bloomin’ dinner.

This is what happens when you tamper with Mother Nature. For the person who feels time, screwing with the clock is utterly disorienting, forcing her to perform tasks when nobody else cares if they are performed, even though It Is Time For Dinner. For the fey, the daydreamer or the absent minded, it makes them even less aware of the minutes ticking by (or hours or weeks, I sometimes think), particularly minutes Somebody Else might have wanted to use for something she thought was important, so that the daydreamer looks up at bedtime with puzzlement and ask you where you are going.

Of course, there is that divine order of things that always pairs a time feeler with a day dreamer - much the same way larks hook up with night owls, talkers attract quiet ones, spendthrifts marry spendthrifts ... oh. no. that's not a comparison - but you do see where I am going with this. As the gal who is always 15 minutes early, I have walked in behind the bride at most of the weddings I have ever attended with BD. Finally, before the last event we attended, I told him I wanted to leave in 10 minutes.

“What? It’s not till 3 and it’s only 2 now and the church is only 10 minutes away!”

At last I had the perfect reply.

“I am too old and too important not to have a seat. I will never stand at the back again.”

We left 10 minutes later.

So there is my gift to all those No Longer Able to Fake Youth out there.

And, yes, I feel much better for spitting all that out.

I was about to say that nothing was done in a fiberly way yesterday when I remembered that I actually finished all the blue boucle. Most of it fit on one bobbin but I had about 24 yards left on a second, so I washed that length to see the effect of wet-setting the yarn. There is never a question about wet-setting with wool or silk or really any other fiber I've ever spun. Water truly helps to distribute twist across the entire length of yarn. But this yarn is basically a two ply thread yarn - that just happens to trap a moderately twisted mohair single between its links. Besides, I intend to knit this yarn off of the bobbin, not out of a ball. It's very loopy and I don't want it to tangle while I'm knitting with it. If I wet-set it, I'll have to have to rewind it onto the bobbins again - and this is no easy yarn to send through the flyer hooks. It shall either have to be oh so carefully treadled back onto the bobbin or just hand wound onto it.

Well. Proof again that wet-setting improves any yarn. There is a decided improvement in the eveness of that thread. BTW, I used a very lustrous royal blue machine quilting thread. It feels like silk or rayon - but I suspect it's a polyester. Anyway, I will skein up the big bobbin-full, dunk it in the sink, press and snap it out and let it dry. Knitting it won't be possible for several days because these thread yarns take a long time to dry.

But that does leave 3 empty bobbins and a heaping mound of blue merino - yes, yes. The next stage is a-waiting and I can barely sit here typing about it when it's singing to me from the living room. What keeps me at the computer are the damp rugs scattered in every room of the house. Plus, all the upholstered chairs are still a tad wet, so really, we're pretty much confined to the bed, the bath, or the office.

I did not get a chance to rip the bunny bonnet but I will wind up the Alice Staremore yarn as soon as I finish here, pull the needles out of the BB, and cast on. As I mentioned several days ago - if you want to see the kind of thing I'm going to knit with this yarn, just check out any of the books by Lise Kolstad. Thence the inspiration, though not the precise design.

And, while I, too, hesitate to wish my life away, like Martheme, I am very glad the weekend is so close.

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