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Monday, April 05, 2004  

Thank you Catherine, for a topic that I can spear with my rapier sharp tongue and spare you all the whining about having to go back to work after a lovely, but too short, vacation.

Oh? You wanted to hear about the bunny bonnet? You are curious about what is on the spinning wheel? Where LD was all weekend?

Not important. What is uppermost at the rant-o-rama today is cropped pants. What in the name of all that is fashionable, would make anybody wear those hideous tubes of flaring stretch poplin? Don't people have mirrors? Don't people have eyes?! And to call them Capri pants is the absurd. Capri pants are slim and taper narrowly just below the knee and above the curve of the calf. If you happen to look like Audrey Hepburn, Capri pants are a charming casual look. And I suspect I'll have to revisit even that statement, after reading what Domesticat has to say.

These chopped off chinos, cargo trousers, pleated front, sweat pants - for every style of pants is being treated to the cropped look these days, merely look like rumpled shipwreck castaway costumes for the girls who don't get rescued, probably even drown. After all, in real shipwreck movies, the heroine has on raggedy Capri pants, and not cropped tubes. What self respecting hero wants to rescue someone who looks like a frump?

Cropped pants always look messy, and incomplete, make women's legs look stubby - about as flattering as hi-cut swimsuits, only with the opposite visual - and I see now they are coming with matching blazers so you can wear them to the board room. How polished and effective.

I'm not a particularly political shopper, though I won't buy peaches at the grocery store - I would prefer to eat billiard balls - thinking that if the store has no customers for a lousy product, they'll quit carrying it and look for a suitable alternative. I feel the same way about cropped pants. I felt the same way about ankle length tube skirts, which, even in the fashion backwater of Tappahannock, are at least available only on the clearance racks. Alas, shoppers seem to feel that if it is in the store it is the right thing to buy - and so 90% of the women I see, and 99% of the women I know who actually buy with fashion in mind, still own (and wear) at least one tube skirt and several pair of cropped pants.

Ah well - For all that I think this article of clothing is an offense to the eye, I don't really care if someone wants to walk around like a dowd or a frump. Someone probably has a wonderful personality to compensate for having no taste.

And of course I am still sighing over the end of my vacation. I would really love to keep working on that full bobbin of boucle yarn, but then, I must ask myself, how will I ever be able to post a photo of the sample if I don't at least stop by the office and use the PA scanner?

All not-so-sincere joking aside, I do feel much more centered after 9 days of getting in touch with the important parts of my world. I believe I left all ongoing work at a convenient stopping place, so that if any ImportantIssues surfaced while I was away, I can give them my attention today and let the never-ending stuff wait another day or two. I don't expect any thing more than the usual readjustment to a familiar pace; one hopes, with renewed energy.

posted by Bess | 8:00 AM