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Wednesday, April 07, 2004  

TA WEET TA WEET TA WEET. Outside the window is a little morning songster with a call of such perfect intonation, the TA of his tweet resonates with overtones, making my eardrums thrum. Papa Cardinal taps on the landing window to say good morning and where's breakfast? Mourning doves Co Woo - Woo Woo. I had no idea how hungry my ears were for spring.

This is the way the seasons change. With songs and colors and a full moon rising so high you can practically read by its light. The whiff of a fragrance, a rich scent of turned earth, a salty waft of high tide, that illusive hint of blossoms and you know winter is over. All these are the punctuation your brain needs to confirm any assertion your eyes make, as you pass them over the green mist of the forest or the golden wave of daffodils.

It's pretty chilly this morning. I wish there were a fire in the stove (though it is pointless to ask BD to keep one going when the sun shines and the temperature goes above 60) I will build one tonight when I get home, for cool and more rain are predicted for tomorrow. But no matter what the temperature, it's not winter any more. And sometime in August, maybe on one of those oppressive evenings when the only relief will be a canoe ride across the bay and a dive into the river over at the swimming beach, a little flock of black birds will flutter by - wrrrrrrrt! - and even though you're stripped down to the minimum, standing up to your chest in high tide, your skin will prickle and you’ll think "Autumn's coming."

It is the miracle of the circle - it's always moving, but it never ends.

The bunny bonnet is going to the frog pond. I am just completely unhappy with the quality of my knitting on this project. I love the yarns. I am just not sure if I can work with all 3 together, though I still think I can. Whatever becomes of them all, we need some time out, these yarns and I. Tonight it gets ripped. I will use the tiny needle to knit the Alice Starmore hat - and use the time working on that to think about the bunny yarns. I've almost finished spinning the boucle yarn and the blue hat body yarn will go swiftly - it’s just straight spinning and I don't need all that much of it either. Perhaps after next week I will have come up with a plan for those lovely bunny yarns.

Overslept this morning - after wrangling with that dang full moon dancing all over my bedroom floor - so I'd best dash now. Today is Wednesday and we all know what that means.

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