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Thursday, April 01, 2004  

Sweet Savage Spinner

Crimson O'Cary was the belle of Spindle County, with her flaming mane of curly locks and flashing eyes, but her heart belonged to Shy And Courtly Ashford Wheel. She bravely watched as he marched off to fight the Yankees in their woolen blue, a lonely figure, twirling her drop spindle, standing beneath the magnolias that flanked the lane up to Pallas Athena. With all the men gone, Crimson's days were a whorl of activities and her nights were spent knitting socks for her beloved Shy And Courtly Ashford Wheel. But when the wowah brought Tall And Handsome Major Lendrum driving his band of marauders across the countryside, though she defiantly fought off his forward hand with her distaff, all her efforts were worsted. The mother-of-all passions caught them in its draft until the triangle was completed by the unexpected return of Shy And Courtly Ashford Wheel. How will Crimson choose between her safe and steady Ashford and the new and faster Major Lendrum?

* * *

Okay - what do you think? Is it just utterly too stupid? It's been a while since I read a Flaming Passion Novel (my nickname for what the trade calls Bodice Rippers). It comes from the blurb across one of the many companions of my late 20's, which claimed the protagonist and her swain blazed a Flaming Trail Of Passion Across Three Continents. And it is a tad difficult to make good puns uniting fiber arts and trashy romance novels without becoming really raunchy - which this family rated blog is not about to do. Lots of jokes about orifices and double treadle and long draw crossed my mind but, you see, I do not mention them at all.

We had the happiest, most wonderful birthday yesterday. BD had set up a tour of the state capitol, led by our dear friend MG. Funny how we always refer to him by both first and last name. He is head of tours and so full of the most fascinating stories. We met him through D&P and all of us gathered for lunch downtown before taking the tour. He kept me enthralled for 2 and a half hours. It was only when we were leaving the building I realized I ought to have either sat down at some time or taken a motrim.

We drove down Broad Street, through the site of the fire that took out all those blocks of old Richmond last week. BD and I met at VCU and I'll admit - I'm thankful that at least my part of the campus didn't catch fire. There is so much new construction spilling across the city now, I barely recognize our Alma Mater anyway, but it is a sad thing that so many had to lose so much.

Take out Chinese at D&P's house finished off a perfect day. P had coffee so delicious I drank two cups, and thus was still awake when we got home - a thing most uncommon and the main reason I seldom go to interesting night functions in Richmond. I don't like sleeping in our compact cars.

Today I shall get that nap! I'm so out of food right now we're going to be grazing on surprises dug from the pantry for dinner - but I will not go to town today. I have to go in tomorrow a.m. and again in the evening - both for wonderful, happy-for-Bess activities. That will be soon enough to go grocery shopping. So sometime around 2:30 you can say to yourself "Oh, Bess must be napping now".

And on the answering machine, when we got home, was a message from K that the Alice Starmore yarn had arrived - I have 4 skeins in that order - and a fair isle hat in the offing. Sounds pretty good to me!

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