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Tuesday, April 13, 2004  

Okay - done with spinning, for a while, at least. It's the needles turn to get attention and I've got several projects going at the same time. Sort of a project-of-the-room situation here. And today the painter shows up. Hmmmm. This might not be too pretty.

In the living room are the yarns and needles for the blue boucle hat. The yarn looks as if it will knit up at 4 st. to the inch but the swatch I did was tee tiny, so maybe it will be more like 4.25. Since this is a hat for nobody in particular, so long as you look good in blue and have a big head - size is not terribly important. It will fit my head and I will probably never wear it. I look like the living dead in blue.

By my bed is the Alice Starmore hat - where I am on the last row of the pattern for the brim, with 2 more rows of plain knitting before I do the 3 rounds of purl. If I do 3 rounds of purl. The second pattern will be in different colors and I haven't decided yet if I want to make a cloche type of hat or a beret type of hat - a decision necessary before I can decide on the pattern for the top half. I'm pushing the edge with the colors of this hat - inspired, as I have said, by Lisa Kolstad, but gently - after all, this is Alice Starmore Scottish Heather Misty Morning Foggy Shore Yarn - not Mad Magazine Primary Colors Yarn. It is also lots of fun to knit with.

In the den is Jen's lacy mohair sweater, another cloud of sea fog color. I had to rip all the way back to the ribbing on that darn thing - when I was at the underarms, because too many people had "looked" at it, and you would not believe how many people, knitters especially!! would pick it up, spread it out and push the loose stitches right off the needles! I will know better this time and knit it only in my house or car, where nobody else will want to touch. It can be fondled when it's done.

In the basket in the den, still on the Maybe List is the bunny bonnet. I have decided what to do with it and it'll go fast if I have time to finish it - but it is at the bottom of the list of dream projects for MSW.

MSW is only 17 days away! I can't stand it, though I must, and I really want it to come, but wait wait!! not till I'm ready! This is better than waiting for Christmas, since nobody expects anything of me except myself and I'm ever forgiving of myself if I fail to meet that sort of expectation.

The sciatica is not going away - though it is somewhat better. This is an old lady issue that I'll have to fold into my daily living - but bummer and rats and all. I'm still taking the heavy duty motrim type stuff when I remember I have it - and if things feel weird. I did some serious stretching with TthePT yesterday and the back feels wonderful, but the foot and leg are tingling. I have ached enough the past month that it’s been pretty easy to just not exercise at all. The sad result of that sort of behavior is that the body has blossomed in fluffy puffiness so that my clothes feel tight. Plus - I really need the exercise or the diet effort tumbles into heckdom. Well. I have a dr. apt. on Friday and we will Talk.

And my horoscope today says "So you think you have it all together, huh? - More fool you." How’s that for dark warnings. Humph. I always say, horoscope writers hate Virgos.

Well, there's time to get in a little knitting right now and tonight is Tuesday Night Knitters, so I also get to show off. Not bad, for a darkling warning sort of day. Just best be careful how I drive. TA.

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