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Sunday, April 04, 2004  

Oh. Yes. I thought I'd complain about daylight savings time. Note, I do not honor it with Capital Letters. I hate daylight savings time. One ought not be surprised that the woman who can write about recreational napping would not particularly like the hours of darkness to suffer truncation. Each April I grit my teeth, fiddle with the clocks, curse myself for not buying new batteries and sulk at being robbed of an hour of free time. I will reverse the attitude, if not the actions, come October, relishing the exquisite delight of an extra hour of sleep and the opportunity to wake up even earlier! than is my norm.

Well, we are all going to be who we are, but morning people know they are superior.

Hmm. Typing that last "truth" makes me wonder how many I will offend, which brings up thoughts of the tension on Knitters Review Forums. It also makes me wonder why people are such jerks. Now that there are seriously off topic areas on the forums, I think whatever restraint the marginal people submitted to in the past has been cast off, so that when I click on to the site there are some pretty screaming topics. I wonder why anybody wants to "discuss" their personal hygiene with fellow knitters, especially ones they don't know that well. I wonder why they want to open up such discussions in a knitting forum. I wish there were a place where they could invite like-minded friends to join them - ELSEWHERE. Where they could post a notice like:

Hey, I want to talk about my favorite gerbil recipes, so email me off line and we can set up a mail-group and go at it!

Then I wouldn't have to see the topic each time I click onto my favorite knitting site. Better yet, the anti-rodent eating contingent, who will wish to punish the rodent eaters with flames, will have to do it somewhere else.

He. It's not that I can't bypass the OT areas. Clara has kindly put them at the bottom of the list of topics. In fact, I do refrain from entering them. So I am not truly informed enough to know just how Off the OT stuff is. The headings gross me out, but hey - I'm a big girl. I know they're not intended for me.

As for people who want to spout off on other topics - why not get a blog - that's what I did. I can get pretty verbose when fingertips touch keyboard. I got to feeling like I was sort of becoming too present on the KRF - hogging it somewhat - with my lengthy posts. And then, I wanted to blab about MEMEMEMEME - not just Knitting. So I took my blabbery fingers to MyOwnPlace where nobody has to even know how arrogant and opinionated and egotistical I am.

Eh. Well. I work with the public. I am not surprised by the awful things they do. I would be a lot meaner than Clara, but then, I have kicked porn viewers off library computers, raining down the WrathOfBess upon them in loud, attention gathering scolds. I would probably use a 3 strikes your out policy and if somebody flamed another 3 times, I'd kick them off the forums. But then, I am not really nice. I just sometimes sound that way.

My bunnybonnet is coming along apace - it is a strange fiber to knit with and I am now riddled with doubts that the judges will say stranded colorwork is an inappropriate technique for angora. I must constantly remind myself that I don't really care. I fall into that wrong-think because I keep telling people the hat is going to be entered in the "competition", when, what I really mean is that I am so excited to have a chance to show off. More MEMEMEMEME stuff there.

When completed, though, I will post a photo of it. Promise.

It is a gorgeously beautiful sunshiny windy day after a week of cold rain. A fitting hug from mother nature for the last day of my vacation. I believe I shall take myself off this keyboard and out into the sunshine.

posted by Bess | 9:05 AM