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Friday, April 16, 2004  

Not much knitting done the past 24 hours. The house is in such disarray it's like living somewhere new. Things are everywhere but where you thought they might be. Sitting on the couch in the almost finished den is like being in a cocoon, so much fiber is piled around, beside, in front of and behind it. We've been watching the Brother Cadfael videos for the past few weeks and last night we watched the last one while we had a late and hodgepodge supper. It was fun being all snuggled inside a fibernest. Fortunately, I know I'll get some knitting in today because we are driving up to Fredericksburg to see an art exhibit that includes a work by a dear young student friend of ours.

And tomorrow BD and I will have been married 30 years.


Now, the rule is:


(Or birthday or BD‘s birthday)

So, sometime tomorrow I will be fed delicacies prepared by OtherHands, but the rest of the weekend really ought to be devoted to putting things back. Or should I say PuttingThingsBack and ThrowingOut? The first task will be to put my precious stash back into some sort of order. This inventory/clean-up will help me greatly when I go to MSW, since I'll at least know if I already have the same rust colored yarn/fiber/dyed mohair locks I’m contemplating purchasing. Lawsee, this place is going to be so clean, I ought to give a party.

All kidding aside, I am grateful for the opportunity to fondle the stash once more before I am confronted with all the rest of the fiber in the world. Heck, I'm always glad for an excuse to fondle the stash. I will also commandeer the darlings and make them bring the old wardrobe down from LD's former bedroom. I think that will be a better container for the stash.

Glad you guys liked the FlyingBed. I like it too.

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