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Thursday, April 22, 2004  

No progress on any knitting project, but 2 hours of PutBack occurred, and one can't have everything in this life. For sure at least one project will get done in time to enter it in the MSW and since the push for entering at all came from the desire to actually knit something, not just think about knitting and write about knitting and talk about knitting, one entry will still qualify me as a Goal Achiever.

From the summit of yesterday's hump I saw the board react with pleasure to the draft 5YearPlan which means the slow drudgery and long brainfreeze moments of the past year were worth it all. This thing has hung over me for years, actually, but nobody, including self, could find the motivation to work on the darn thing. Last summer I promised same self that before the end of this year (a governmental year, from 7/1 to 6/30) there would be, not only a 5YP but a process whereby it would never become such a looming, pointing finger again. Into the plan went an evaluation process, with dates attached. Let us all hope it proves effective, creating a procedure that circumvents the need for a MassiveEffort in the future.

As for making the great PB effort less onerous, I have committed to 2 hours every night of tossing, scrubbing and returning. Alas, there is not as much tossing as I wish - what is it about that little round glass jar with one nutmeg in it? - if only I can get rid of the bread machine - It is amazing how many things are kept for reasons that have nothing to do with their usefulness. But I am steeling myself ... perhaps more like aluminum foiling myself - and there is at least some reduction in the sheer quantity of stuff I share space with.

The Washingmachine MwT will be here before Saturday - so he promised me last night on the phone - but since he's an unknown quantity I will only count on his reliability after he's shown up. I would like to go visit my parents this weekend, and may do so in spite of the heaps and mounds and piles, but Saturday still seems so very far away I can't bring myself to make a promise about it. If possible I will rope in LD to do the driving. That would free my hands for knitting, and besides, I know they'd really love to see him. Everybody is always glad to see him.

I see one of my favorite blogs is now kaput. Jahara - I sure miss hearing about your life and hope all is splendidly well with you. My blogrolling list is in need of culling - and I promise to de-litter it one of these days. How I admire the folk who really keep things up-to-date and full of pictures. Admire, mind, not aspire to. It is enough that I get in a daily post - something I have never been able to do on paper.

Okay - looks like a little time to do a little knitting. Ta.

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