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Friday, April 23, 2004  

MwTs are flowing upstairs, erasing souvenirs of countless treks to bed, dozens of stealthy tiptoes down to look at the Christmas Tree, fossil remains of summer bugs, one 2 year old's handprint from Thanksgiving 5 years ago and I-don't-know how many years of grunge.

The downstairs is almost put back together again, though there are still some small heaps on the back porch that need to be sifted. Just in time to move things out of BD's office. That room is being saved for last, thank goodness. Now that the kitchen is done, his shipping room, which used to be LD's bedroom, is now the guest room and which contains all my books, will be the second most horrible room, mostly because it has so many tons of books & maps in boxes. But nothing will compare to the kitchen because that's the place where the grease is. And grease mixed with country house dust - ugh! And, as I said, the kitchen is done.

But today the MwT will finish the trim on the stairwell, the upstairs hall, and do the bathroom. And that will be that. I'll have 2 days to clean and PutBack before chaos returns. Man - I am cleaning this house more times than a set of jumper cables gets used at a redneck funeral. But it will end and it will be worth it all.

There is now only one more week before I begin the actual Holiday that is Maryland Sheep and Wool. I am taking Friday and Monday off, so I can thoroughly enjoy the experience. I am already bored with anything but talk of MSW anyway, but at least I can pack on Friday and play with toys on Monday. And something about a 4 day week feels like almost having the whole week off. Besides, I'm over the hump of the 5YP so it already feels like I've completed April's assignments. It's not so, of course, but it feels like it.

And since the show is so close, of course I have dyed up a little dark blue wool to spin and knit into a brim for the once-intended-to-be boucle brimmed hat. Maybe. Maybe not. It's cooling in the downstairs shower and I will rinse it tonight, hang it to dry and ... if nothing else, admire it tomorrow. Alice Starmore is almost done, just working on the crown cap - but I'm going to stitch down the hem before I knit any more. I want to be sure the crown itself is high enough. It's a neat looking hat and of course, even if it doesn't actually fit me properly right now, I can enter it in the show, and undo it afterwards, to make any adjustments needed to create a flattering fit.

Hmmm. Time to sew that hem down right now.

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