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Wednesday, April 28, 2004  

MSW grows ever closer and I get ever more excited about it. In addition to the sudden plan change that took me to Richmond yesterday, I had forgotten that today is Wednesday and we all know what Wednesday means. Half a day of play with toddlers. If I did this all day long it might be tiring, but since I do it for only 2 hours a week, it's sheer delight and I'm usually in my playful mindset for a good bit longer. So now this has turned into a 2.5 day work week - what a surprising treat.


All this talk about truncated work weeks might make it sound as if I don't like to work - or at least, don't like my work. Well - that just goes to show you one ought to both think before one speaks and not try so hard to be clever sounding - since that nearly always means being negative.

Actually I love work. I love the concept of work. I love it that man is supposed to actually do things. And I have been particularly fortunate that I have been able to choose the work I want to do, not just from day to day, but also across the long expanse of my life. I have been lucky enough to work unsupervised my entire career. This has given me great scope for creativity, thought, and responsibility. It also has required great creativity, thought and responsibility. There are times when I drive past the trailer park on the way to work and think "God I wish all I had to do was go stock shelves at WalMart". This usually occurs when I have very heavy responsibilities - usually the result of some thought I had begun to carry out - only to find it wasn't as easy as I had imagined while awash in creativity.

But I know just how stultifyingly boring mindless work can be when that is all you have to do. I worked retail as a young girl. I mastered the art of looking busy while doing nothing. Part of my ennui about work is the result of the major push made to get a new building. The true ENFP would have to have some down time, a period of mourning, after shepherding a major project like that through to completion and something that big and involving that many people actually did have to be completed. The inevitable "what next?" question has nagged at me for ... I am ashamed to say it ... years.

Happily, with the completion of the dreaded (but so needed) 5YP I know what I'm supposed to do next. What a relief! How easy it is to go to work knowing what the eventual target is. It's actually quite fun. Oh, I know there will be those horrid periods when we either have to beg for $ or account for $, huge bookkeeping and politicking efforts. But with a PLAN there is always this shining target up ahead - this Shangri La - this golden moment - this raison d'ĂȘtre.

It is a tremendous load off my mind - and it is also so far off into the future that I can afford to function with only half a brain this week, while the other half dreams about Maryland Sheep and Wool. This is what the weather is supposed to be like - so I better pack more sweaters and fewer pairs of shorts.

And when I get to work I will scan in the photos I picked up yesterday. Prepare to be offered color, if not to be actually delighted.

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