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Saturday, April 17, 2004  

It's like living in someone else's house. Or better yet - it's like the ultimate messy bedroom from your childhood - but with the added delight that no parent was going to come in screaming that you were grounded for life till you cleaned this place up! It won't last long. I begin the PutBack today, but it's certainly fun to savor the utter chaos of the surprise attack of GsWPs.

A bit more on this subject; the den is done and the living room is done, but the woodwork, while dry, is still soft. Big items may or may not be put back against the wall - depending on the scuffability of the baseboards, though we ought not let that stop us. Nobody will ever see those bits of baseboard till we paint again - I am not a furniture rearranger. Everything fits in this house like a puzzle piece or a ship's cabin. My task for today is to tenderly, lovingly, and at my own pace, clean, dust and polish all the odds and ends and small stuff littering 504 square feet of floor space. This awesome task, this should-be daunting effort, spreads out before me like some promised treat. I am the last of the lovers of housekeeping, but there is something so big, so pervasive, about touching every bit of physical evidence of myself - my life - I can hardly wait to begin. Imagine the treasures of a lost and forgotten world, just awaiting my touch to be brought back to life, or to be given final and fitting burial.

All that's necessary is to chase everyone out of the house; an easy task, this first day of real warm weather in spring. SS is visiting, with friend, and LD says he'll be here in half an hour. BD has the boat in the water and he's ready to be Host&TourGuide. I know these guys - once on the river they won't be back for hours. LD promises to do the honors for dinner this night - though I think I shall slip into town for champagne and deserts. The important thing is that I don't do the cooking. The good thing is that I taught LD to cook years ago.

One bit of fiberly news - down to the last 6 rows of decreases on the Blue boucle hat. I know I'll get it done this weekend, in spite of the great PutBack archeaological project, and will photograph it soon. It's a very soft delicious thing. Very blue too.

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