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Tuesday, April 20, 2004  

In the Land-0-Chaos the GwTs have emptied out the kitchen and foyer - in a most expedient way - with half the kitchen in the front yard and all winter coats heaped on the upstairs hall floor. Of course that means I arrived home to find another GwT cutting the grass. This particular guy is a brand new 16 year old who has been my partner in lawn maintenance for years. He's a unique blend of cheek, wit, and mechanical ability, with parents to die for. But he is after all, 16, and now the grease coated things that hung from the kitchen ceiling are bespeckled with grass bits. Ahh well. I knew this project would leave me with a whole lotta scrubbin' goin' on. Walls done, trim to go - but these are the two areas with the most carpentry so I expect it will take all day to get them done. And tomorrow the drizzly rain is predicted to begin - and last for the next week. Or, it may only be muggy.

Whatever the distant future, the immediate one involves more chaos, meandering paths through long forgotten possessions and the ubiquitous PuttingBack. The effects of this transformation are less startling after looking at the completed rooms for several days, but I cling to the sure knowledge that once completed, the beauty of the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.

I am inordinately preoccupied by sugar plum fairy dreams of Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Festivities begin the day before, when I travel west and north to spend the night at Heaverly's Heavenly Hospitable House. It will juggernaut on till either late Sunday or Monday morning. I've wisely taken off both Friday and Monday. I will be taking the spinning class on Saturday morning - spinning with beads!! What could be more delicious?

Knitting on the Alice Starmore hat goes slowly - this trellis design is harder to read than the flower. But oh oh oh you would not believe how great the colors look together! That blue makes the green pop out on its gold background. It's a fantastic color effect. I'm so thrilled, because, though something told me these colors would work - they rang with a dissonance, like a diminished fourth chord, when held next to each other in skeins. But like that transitional chord, which fulfills its destiny by leading the ear to yearn for resolution to the dominant note, the blue actually completes the color scheme.

Well, forgive the musical terminology. Just trust me that these colors go marvelously together.

And if I want it finished before the show I'd best get those needles clicking. If you pray, please send up petitions for me, that there will be enough red yarn to finish this hat. I shall be praying thanks that my cousin George made it back safe and sound from his year in Iraq.

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