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Saturday, April 24, 2004  

I feel so light! BigStuff at work is done with - we had our Friends of the Library spring meeting yesterday - sparsely attended, alas, since it was idiotically scheduled for the same day as our local garden week tour. Garden Week in Virginia is a BigDeal. Oddly, enough, for someone who is a pretty serious gardener, I have never gone on the tour. For one thing, it always comes at a very busy time at work. Then, till recently there haven't been any tours closer than Richmond. And I'm friends with enough of the owners of the big houses on tour I've already seen their gardens in all their glory. In fact, I will be one of the hostesses next year. Just been a set of circumstances that has kept me out of the Garden Week activities.

All next week, while there is important work to do, it is all easy and a rather large portion of it is merely shopping. And the next two weeks are going to be 4 day work weeks - deliciously truncated weeks that have all the sensation of vacation without the piles of accumulated stuff that usually greets one after a vacation. And smack in the midst of the next 2 weeks is Maryland Sheep and Wool! This year I am hitting the show both days - with nothing I really need to buy - just the joy of looking and touching without that anxious feeling that if I don't buy stuff now I will run out of good things to play with before next year.

So. FOL stuff out of the way. 5YP behind me. Alice Starmore hat almost done, ready for overnight mail to Maryland sometime today. I forgot, the entries have to be in hand by Wednesday - so only one for me this year. But two happy ideas are right up there near completion and they can be entered in Montpelier in the fall. And there will be time enough to pick out the boucle yarn and see if it can be reused. If not - it will just be one of those learning - painful learning - experiences. It was still fun to make. I will know if the yarn really can't be picked out and can then justifiably cut it off the hat and keep it as a lavish swatch, or as a memento of the last time I used mohair locks and a reminder of why I intend to buy mohair top from now on.

When I dyed up the dark blue merino to use on the OnceToHaveBeenBlueBoucle hat, I forgot it was on the stove and it began to boil over. I caught it fairly quickly, but I wondered if the boiling would felt the yarn. Thank goodness it didn't. It's very soft and fluffy, but of course, a little splotchy, and darker than I had intended. I'm definitely at the "scarf" stage in dyeing.

The bathroom is finished except for the sink base - an interesting bit of BD carpentry that needs a coat of white enamel, which we have not bought. I'll give the room a good scrub and put all the rest of the stuff back today. Sometime this weekend we have to shove possessions into the middle of the spare bedroom - or ours - or both. Hmm. Well, so far, everything has worked out; I may as well assume the rest of this project will do the same. Complex projects have always fascinated me, the way some people enjoy puzzles. I am sorting out the time, money, activities and desires I have right now, wondering if I can DoItAll. I suspect I shan't be able to - but it's worth a try and no matter how much actually is accomplished - a lot more will have been done than had I not tackled it all.

So - can Bess get the house put in order, the house torn apart, the house put back in order again, the hat blocked, the visit with her parents, the bank accounts repaired, the state taxes done, the festival enjoyed, the new computers bought, and keep the BD happy all in 9 days?

Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure of CrazyWoman!

posted by Bess | 6:59 AM