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Saturday, April 10, 2004  

Huh. I can't seem to get started. I even have a little fiber news to report. Well, it is a very little - for I've wound off the Alice Starmore and on my size 2 needles I'm getting 26 st. to 4 inches. It's fun to work with so far, but I have only swatched it. When I leave here I’ll go cast on for my hat.

But I am lethargic as a lizard in the sun right now. We had a delightful, spirited, lively evening last night with BH, R, and C for spaghetti supper. Since we ate Italian, only Italian composers were allowed on the CD player - Respeghi, Vivaldi, Pergolesi, with Bartoli and Pavaroti singing - only we never got that deep into the stack. Conversation was too wild, too silly, too rapid fire and wine fed to get past the 3rd disk.

R is the only person I know who owns - not just more classical music CD’s than we do - but LOTS more. He also used to be the music critic for the Washington Post, so he's chock full of anecdotes on all deities musical. He is urbane, funny, witty, handsome and courtly with a twinkle. A perfect dinner guest. C is bold, sharp, and a fascinating mixture of the pragmatic and the innocent. And of course, BH is my Beloved Hannah, so what else need be said?

But oh my - That much food and wine and food and wine and food and wine. The bloodstream is a little like the river in flood - full of things rather not seen nor felt.

We are off today to buy paint. After 12 years I am finally getting the house painted. Or - more honestly, I should say that it has been about 4 years since I realized that no amount of wall scrubbing would effect the sensation of freshness one longs for; only paint will do the trick now. It has taken this long to come up with the right combination of cash, availability of carpenters and painters, and adjustability of the residents to take the plunge. Two phone calls from Men With Tools talking about Monday and, though the idea of huge routine shifts is daunting, I am no fool - We shift. Shift furniture. Shift our bodies on over to LD's house - Shift the spinning wheel, the necessary tools, books, clothes - whatever it takes.

And now I think on it - the Special Paint Store is not too far from a Barnes & Noble, so I can take a peek at the spring Knitters I didn't get, and maybe a few other lovely things.

Yes, I would rather work on the blue merino, but I can do that tomorrow when it rains. And only think! Come summertime my house will be gorgeous.

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