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Tuesday, April 06, 2004  

The first day back at work was pretty nice. There were no unpleasant surprises on my desk and there were a couple of lovely changes I had set in motion just before I left that had produced quite pleasant results. There were some busy physical things to do, like take down the art show, that made it easy to be productive without having to concentrate on too much. There was time to schedule all the tasks that will require outside help. I (hope and pray) believe there will be some stretches of quiet time at the end of the week, to work on the 5YP. Best of all - it is only 25 days to Maryland Sheep and Wool!

Yes yes - something wonderful to look forward to. That is what makes it all possible. The prize, the ring, the treat. The closer I get to MSW the more ambitious I become about making and entering things. And the more critical and dissatisfied I grow with the projects I am working on - thus scattering ever further, the little bits of time I have to work on anything at all. This is the first time I've ever made such a large amount of boucle yarn and it does wind slowly onto the bobbins, and I fiddle with it maddeningly on that last pass through the orifice. That is the time when you lock down the loops and believe me, once they get locked down - they ain't movin' again. So, it is a slow process even if it is delightful and always fascinating, watching the fibers twist and spin, then suddenly clamp down into their permanent display.

I worked some more on the bunny bonnet last night and grew utterly dissatisfied with it. I am going to take it to my WW meeting tonight, for one of my WW buddies is a woman of exquisite fiber arts taste. I need to ask her what she thinks. I just can't work in a vacuum on it any more. I love the texture, and the colors, but this bunny hair is so hairy. She need not critique my knitting - which I already know is substandard - another reason I'm doubtful of this piece- but I believe the bigger issue is the design. I am sure these three yarns can be worked together into something wonderful - but I am not sure what .... I will report back tomorrow.

Speaking of WW - I am having a terrible time with maintenance. Sheesh! Every bad trick and habit I know has been attacking, ambushing and bushwhacking; 24/7. The sciatica has improved tremendously, but not enough to make me want to do ... sit-ups - and other lower body weight training, so guess who is growing a heck of a lot fluffier and softer, even if the weight is staying, for the most part, down. I'm sure glad the taking off was so easy. Otherwise I might not have the determination to keep working on the hard part.

And now, for today's important fashion news in two quotes from Cathy Horyn of the NYT:

"It can also be argued that some of Ms. Prada's contrasts look contrived: if you see women this fall wearing tweed coats with bare legs and summery slides, you'll know where the idea started. ...
Wearing a chunky sandal or a wedge heel is an easy way to counteract the ultrafemininity of spring."

I see. Well. This I promise you. If you see me in a tweed coat with bare legs and summery slides, it means my house is on fire and these were the only clothes I could find before dashing to safety. So much gushing about really stupid fashion concepts assures me that I won't like the new shoe designs in the offing.

As for the need to counteract spring's ultrafeminity - why put it on in the first place, if you don't want to make that statement?

The above quotes, in fact, the entire article, is a prime example of the CurseOfTheWordProcessor Simply because it is easy to type a lot of verbiage - simply because you are told to write about shoes by your boss, doesn't mean you have anything to say, nor the skill to say it.

Hold on tight to your black pumps. They may have to last you two seasons.

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