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Sunday, April 25, 2004  

Ever since the trees unfolded their fragile green leaves, BD and I have been waxing nostalgic about England. This sentimental wallow is being aided by the All Creatures Great And Small video series, which we've borrowed from the library. Though Yorkshire is not Essex, the Englandness of it is the same, with those funny cars that drive on the "wrong" side of the road. I still can't get used to watching Jems escort Helen to the driver's side. I never got used to it there either.

Nothing in the world could have equaled the warmth, loving generosity and lavish warmth of our hosts Anne and Denis. We have talked of little else for days, now that the Virginia countryside has clothed itself in delicate blossoms, fluttering green leaves and clear blue skies.

May in Virginia is the most beautiful time of the year. If I were in charge of the world there would be half a dozen Mays in a year. Now is the time when you can leave windows and doors open and bugs don't crawl in. You can go barefoot indoors at last. You can eat on the porch and listen to the serenade of the songbirds, peepers, and little rustley things. It is also nice that, if you have 6 loads of laundry to do, you have enough warm Saturday to dry it all on the lines. Even puffy down jackets are fresh and clean and will be hung in the attic today.

I shan't be able to get to Mama's today, but I have to have some dental work done on Tuesday so I believe I'll just keep on going west afterwards. By the time the Novocain is worn off I ought to be hitting Midlothian Turnpike and we can have lunch and a good visit and I'll be home before 5. Yes. If there's nothing on the schedule at work, I'll take Tuesday off.

Today there will be precious little fiber stuff going on. We've decided the most efficient way to tackle the Transformation of the Bedrooms is to move everything in both rooms into the center of the floor. That means, of course, emptying the spare bedroom. That's where I tend to dump clothes before sending them to the attic at change of season. Then, there is the task of cleaning all the family photos that BD hung so tenderly on the stairwell wall (after promising me he would dust them regularly - which he has done ZERO times!) They're piled on the bed at the moment. It's a real rogue's gallery and it is even somewhat entertaining. But gad it's a dusting nightmare. After that will be the moving of MyLibrary - admittedly small, only about 45 books - but then I have that other collection in town. It's just my fiber, art and gardening stuff. Things you need, late at night, when you can't remember how to make that double decrease S2tog,K1,PSSO. We'll take 3 days' worth of clothes downstairs and clear all wall areas and let MwT's at it. I expect it all to be done by Friday, but since MSW is next weekend, the great PutBack will have to wait. Oh, mind, now, BD is welcome to have a go at it. The clean up, by then, will be mostly his stuff and if he wants to put it back coated with antique dust, well, that's his business. My bedroom will be pristine.

I wonder just what else there will be to say this week, besides "I can’t wait till Friday!" or "Hurry MSW!" I think I shall be just about worthless the whole week long. But the stars warn me (and all the rest of you precious Virgo's out there - yes, 1 twelfth of the population - beware) that I am to ignore every bull, in every china shop, I encounter. Since I am married to one - my precious March 31 Aries BD - I am promising myself that I will bite my tongue off before I let myself lose my temper. I will not be irritated no matter what crashes to the floor.

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