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Monday, April 12, 2004  

And this why I make so many plans. I'm bound to actually carry out some of them. I have 150 yards of very softly twisted blue merino that I am hoping will knit up at pretty near the same gauge as the boucle. Something on the order of 4 st. to the inch on size 8 needles. I am hoping it will be enough to make a basic watch cap with 3 inches of ribbed brim that doesn't fold up. The boucle will form the fold back brim part - about 4 inches deep. The blue is still slightly damp but I have it hanging from the back of a chair in the living room, where there is a tiny fire burning in the stove.

This yarn is from combed top and it's not nearly as springy as the brown merino roving I spun into the bounciest, snap-backiest yarn you could ask for. It's not even as springy as the bunny bonnet contrast yarn I spun from the same top, but that was spun very fine. I know some of it is the actual fiber itself - as it grew from the lamb. Some of it is also the thickness of the yarn I created. But the preparation had a lot to do with it as well. That combed top is very soft, very straight, not the slightest bit tangled. Those little tangles one gets in a roving create air pockets that give the fibers room to move. The top spins very fast. It spins very fine. But it does not spin springy. Of course, it has some spring to it. Just not that snap back!!! that sets me shivering.

The Alice Starmore yarn also has that fantastic elasticity. Toasty Toes sock yarn has it (had it, I suppose I ought to say) and Regia has it too. Nature's own Lycra. I'm just a sucker for it.

And speaking of the AS stuff - I did not get the entire first pattern done, but then, I spun up all that blue yarn - and I did get a goodly part of it finished. Today is my fiber guild meeting and I had arranged to be off till late in the afternoon. One phone call and suddenly I am needed at the paint store, so I am thinking of staying home and knitting on the hat a while, then joining BD in the weighty task of selecting, from among 4,908,789,987 different shades, the correct off-white paint to cover the walls in my house.

If it dries, there might even be time to swatch the blue.....

I didn't dye any more blue top, though I put 1 oz to soak in vinegar water. I don't think I'm going to need any more blue, and though it is a gorgeous color, it isn't one I will ever wear. This hat is just for show. So. I now have a little unexpected Monday Morning time, some acidicly wet merino top, and a bunch of stock colors in jars. I believe I shall get creative. One ounce might just spin up into an interesting baby yarn. Maybe a green...

I suppose I ought also to rip out the bunny bonnet. Another of yesterday's tasks not performed. That yarn is springy and so much fun to work with anyway - besides, I am extremely proud of the quality of the spinning. It would be a shame if it didn’t get its moment in the sun at Maryland Sheep & Wool. After all, that was the first idea I had for an entry.

Well - looks like I have my day mapped out for me. The Darlings planted 100 cypress trees yesterday and came home covered, saturated and steeped in swamp mud. Lord love 'em they were only slightly more presentable than the dogs - who have been banished from the house till the clean soap scent of my RugDoctered carpets has worn off. They are beginning to shed anyway, and it's calling for rain for the next week. This is no time to have dogs in the house.

And this is tax week. My horoscope warns me to ignore Mars this week, as he tries to ratchet up the panic factor in my life. I believe I shall follow that advice and think about it all - next week - at Tara.

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