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Tuesday, April 27, 2004  

Ah. Decision made. We will not move into LD's old bedroom. The only place to put our bed in that room is against the west wall - but the door to the attic is along the west wall. If BD wanted a bedside table, he'd have to put it right in front of the attic door. Now, yes, we could move the table, if we wanted to go into the attic - but I've seen BD's bedside table - and moving that heap of books and papers and pens and junk, is more than I'd want to have to do. So - we stay in the west bedroom and don't have to adjust to change. At least, not that particular change.

In all the upheaval of the great Empty Nest archaeology project, I was able to make off with a treasure. An ugly, heavy, but perfectly proportioned, wardrobe; the sort with a column of drawers on one side and a space to hang coats on the other. Big GuysWithMuscles hauled it down to the back porch and the MwT will paint it for me to match the trim in the den - where it will soon reside, tidily enfolding my stash of fibers and yarn.

I used to think it would be better to have all my stash visible - so I would use it instead of buying more. I envisioned a mini-yarn shop, with bins holding the different yarns. Unfortunately, what I own doesn't lend itself to neatly sorted bins of different colored yarns. What I have is a mishmash, crammed into milk crate sized bins so tightly that you can't really tell what is there. When the eye is confronted with a jumble, it sort of blends everything into the "Stuff" category - and then the brain can eliminate it the way it does the white noise of a refrigerator hum.

So, if I'm not really going to see what is in my stash with these open shelves, I'd rather have a tidily closed door on everything. Perhaps I can keep an inventory list posted inside. At least things shan't spill all over the floor.

I have another happy surprise announcement to make, but I will probably put that in tomorrow’s post. Just know that we have an addition to our house, a gift from a dear friend. Thank you very much, Larry.

I've been pouring over the MSW catalog and here's the list of things I want to scope out this weekend:

· A couple of processing mills
· McClellan’s Frankenmuth
· Zeilinger Wool co.
· Taos Valley Wool Mill
· The Drafting Zone (they’re in MD!)
· Mangham Manor for mohair top or sliver
· Kimmet Croft Fibers (Yarns in the Bohus Tradition - that means angora blends)
· Wild Meadow Angora
· Hunt Valley Cashmere
· Parade of rare breeds (Sunday)
· Equipment auction (Saturday)
· Somebody who sells soft chocolate brown camelid fiber - either llama or alpaca
· Have picnic lunches with KR Forumites
· Try out the Lendrum wheels - I know Serendipity Farms has them and so does The Woolery

I also discovered Majora Acres & Custom Colored Critters who have 4 Romeldale/CVM breeding groups for sale. I don't plan to buy a flock, but I hope to goodness I can find some CVM fiber to buy at the show. (California Variegated Mutant - I know, sounds like something from a SciFi TV show but it is the most beautiful brown soft fleece you ever touched.)

Another place revealed in the delightful MSW catalog, though not planning to be present, is Rising Meadow Farm where they breed Moorits: the true brown sheep. A sumptuous chocolate experience! (from their add) Now, for a sallow skinned brown haired gal - what could be more tempting? I'd far rather wear my chocolate anyway.

Okay - I have some photos to develop and I'll get them done today - to post tomorrow. I'm off to the dentist at lunch time and will continue on to visit my folks in the p.m. What started out as a 4 day week has now shrunk to a 3 day week. That's like not going to work at all, right? Oh happy May.

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