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Monday, April 26, 2004  

5 days and counting. Take off, for me, will actually be Friday, so there are only 4 days of real waiting. I am so cranked I feel like an engine in overdrive. How like me to have total turmoil all at once. It is just so typical of the way my world functions, that the house is in an uproar at the same time I'm gearing up to dash off to the maddest sensory overload weekend a fiberista could enjoy, and up till Saturday, have been working on a piece of knitting with a deadline attached. I never do anything sedately. It always seems to be crunch or nap time. Nothing in between.

Yesterday was a real marriage test. By the skin of our teeth we passed it, too. It was time to clean out the Son&Heir's old bedroom. Really clean it out. It's the biggest bedroom, because BD and I subscribe to the theory that the biggest room ought to be the kid's. We grownups get to keep our stuff all over the house and nobody yells at us to clean it up. When guests stay over they don't sleep in our room. Kids are constantly told to Get That Stuff Outta Here! and when their friends sleep over they stay in the same room. Whence the dictum: Biggest Bedroom Goes to the Kid.

That room was something of a shrine, because we only had the one chick and he was such a progeny! Such an improvement on the parents. It was really difficult to do anything with William'sRoom after he left home. I was too sad. Too tired. To unwilling to deal with time marching. So we left it pretty much what it was - and it became a Mecca of wonder to every child who visited They all knew it was chock-a-block full of cool stuff that used to be played with by the coolest guy they knew.

But of course, we needed the space, and BD took over a corner and made it his shipping table - where he packs up his maps and books and ships them out. Plus I took over the bookshelves along one wall - at last a space for Bess' books. (Believe me, every other book shelf in the house is full of TheOther's books. Mine were the ones on the floor.)

So - a life time of childhood, a warehouse and shipping office and a library were all crammed into that space.

There is an outstanding book, sadly now out of print, with the long, but apt title 'What to do when your parents say ... Clean Your Room'. It's part of a series - What to do ... Be kind to your guests, get good grades, take care of your clothes... It is the absolutely best book on how to clean up the bedroom from hell. I remember reading it when LD was a lad and then passing it on to him. It points out that sometimes a mess is so big you can't figure out where to start. You can spend all day and never get anywhere because you just don't know how to begin. So it says "first thing; make your bed". Then you have a place to put things while you sort them out. Basically it shows how to go about something one bite at a time till you suddenly see how to finish the whole project. It teaches organizational skills centered around cleaning up a messy kid's bedroom.

Like a good mother, I used it to teach LD how to tackle TheBigMess, but I see I never showed it to BD and it wasn't around when his mom was doing her job. So he panicked yesterday, then threw a tantrum, then stomped around hostile and frightened by the enormity of the task. The metaphorical bed in that room was all of LD's mementos and a quick phone call got him over there WithTruck and once that stuff was out of the room it was a heck of a lot easier to figure out what to do next.

So, now that the room is half empty and half heaped in the center - we are asking ourselves if we'd like to take over the Big Bedroom. It's a temptation. More space would be rather a lot of fun. It would be cooler in the evenings in summer, but a lot colder in the winter. I always wanted the morning sun to wake me and that room is on the east end of the house. The change would really be different. I believe we'd get another dresser out of it and all my books could be in my bedroom. There's no oak tree out the back window, but there is one out the side window.

Decisions. I tend to like things to stay the same, when it comes to house interiors. Still - 44 feet of extra floor space - it's certainly a thought.

And the marriage survived.

Yesterday was Topsy's Birthday. She is officially 16 years old - or, in dog years, 112.

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