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Thursday, March 11, 2004  

Yikes! I realize I had better make reservations for a room at Md. Sheep and Wool. I’ve been thinking it’s waaaay off in the future - but it’s only 7 weeks off. I am not going to try to cram it all into one day this year. Of course, if Spirit Trial Fiberworks gets a booth slot, I’ll be up there working with Jen - but even if she doesn’t get in, I plan on spending at least 2 days there. I’m awfully tempted to go for 5 days and take a class but I don’t believe I can take that much time off. Still on the discussion table is a flight to Oregon for Ben’s graduation, the weekend after MS&W. Best get hopping with these plans.

The only fiberish activity yesterday was some spinning, done after I got home. The wheel really loves this clunn forest blend. It spins up a slightly grayish cream color I don’t particularly like, so I’ll probably dye the yarn. It is coming out a lovely fingering weight yarn. There is also the idea niggling in my brain, of working something up to put into the competition at MS&W. Who knows - I may even get the Stained Glass Vest done by then. Pulling out the photos reminded me that the darn thing really is almost done. It’s just that I find it really hard to rip stuff - it interrupts the momentum - and, like mending, it’s easier to just start something new. Goofy, huh?

It feels good to be over the hump of this week. For some time I’ve been battling intermittent blues and yesterday was a navy blue day. Fortunately a trip to the gym at lunch time helped enormously - squeezing depression out of its muscle storage containers is a fantastic symptom treatment. Another symptom band-aid will be my upcoming vacation. 10 days without answering the phone. Yep. Sounds just right. I’m not exactly sure what is the long term underlying cause of these blues, but I have some suspicions. There are some bigger things that will have to be addressed fairly soon. I don’t like living with dark clouds looming. But thank goodness for those band-aids.

Okay - no new vibrant scintillating insights - and no photos, no rants - best go look at motel rooms.


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