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Tuesday, March 16, 2004  

So what resonates from the fall fashion flings flung across the globe? Yes, yes, I’m still wandering down the fashion aisles at the NYT, on the way to the obits. Just my little morning routine. And culling from the plethora of words, my favorite bits such as this little quote:

In Milan, Miuccia Prada took pencil skirts and interspersed them with shirtwaist-style dresses on models who, in either outfit, brought to mind a naughty librarian who perhaps moonlights in a house of domination.

Mmmm. Now that’s quite an image.

"C R A C K ! Put that book back on the shelf in alphabetical order!"

Okay, bad me. And what else is going to float the boats of Neiman Marcus customers this fall?

More quotes are called for first:

The fall collections may veer from a head-to-toe look, but perhaps because of all the tweeds and masculine sobriety the clothes seem to dictate a strong, distinctive shoe. Variations on the librarian brogue heel appeared first at Calvin Klein, in black suede, to give weight to Francisco Costa's washed silk dresses and black wool felt coats.

Well well, who knew we were such fashion arbiters!

Okay, I would really love to see a librarian brogue heel - but there were no photos. One can only assume they mean huge, ugly and black. The goth look for the 50+.

What they don’t mention (although they do photograph) is the fur choker scarf, like the one on all the Martha Stewart photos - and on the Ralph Lauren tweed pencil skirt suit - which is drop dead gorgeous and I would buy it in a minute if I had a spare $2 or $3K - and which I will hunt for in the budget priced version come autumn. This accessory is not new - the cheap rabbit fur version has been available in Richmond, that slow poke of a fashion pool, for two winters. I promise you, if I purchased one and wore it down here in the sticks, I would be tres chic, vraiment!

One other accessory mentioned as cutting edge is the big gauntleted glove - and so my knitterly friends, do get your hands on a copy of Anna Zilboorg’s Magnificent Mittens and join the fashion forward. In fact, you might combine Meg Swansen’s I-cord gloves with Zilboorg’s gauntlets and have something both intellectually challenging and cutting edge at the same time!

Now isn’t that a nice segue into the fiber content of this blog? Mighty thin reading here, though.

Woops! LD just popped in - off to chat - only fiber news is more spinning on the angora. Yum!

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