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Saturday, March 27, 2004  

Sciatica. After a really horrible night Thursday I got to the MD Friday, crack-O-dawn, where I boldly ignored the "No walk-ins" sign, put on my teariest voice and said "Something is wrong with me". I seldom go to the doctor, though I do get there about once a year, but I thoroughly enjoy this particular one. I only switched to him because he accepts my HMO, but I haven't ever regretted it. He told me, yesterday, that I always set the curve for interesting cases. Not that sciatica is so rare in his practice, but caused by marathon spinning sessions - yes. That was rare.

And when I asked him if this means I have to stop spinning he said it depended upon my ability to stand discomfort, alter my technique and adjust the wheel. He was also thrilled with the weight loss. Summer before last he said to lose the weight or get on cholesterol medicine and I haven't seen him since. He has a healthy skepticism about the possibility of any of his patients to lose weight, I am sure my part of the world has a chance at winning the MostFatPeopleInTheWorld Olympics, but he also leaves the door of possibility open. He was so thrilled at the weight loss it was hard for him to cluck about the ExtremeSpinning.

Well, I had been so scared it was kidneys I was as relieved as he was thrilled about the weight loss. And I will spend today playing around with double treadle spinning wheels - because, in case you have forgotten

I am on vacation!

How sweet the words. Vacate shun. Perfect description of what I plan to do. Vacate the premises and shun responsibility. Last night's Art Show opening and reception was everything I hoped for - As I stood there taking my turn at the ginger-ale punch bowl, my heart just spilled over. This is what I envisioned when I first began daydreaming about a new library building. A place for community and culture and thoughts and ideas. A gathering place. A friendly welcoming hang-out. This is a small community, heavy with good churches and with a long, deeply interwoven little league sports program - baseball still far outweighs soccer here - and pretty much nothing else to do. While I absolutely loved being a little league mom, I didn't love it enough to man the concession stand after LD grew up.

One of the things about being part of a small community is that the same people have to wear all the hats. I like this because it ensures variety, but it also means you can wear out now and then. The effort of building the new library took all I had for quite a long time. When I finally did feel like doing something besides weeping, (Imagine just how much the E in this ENFP psyche grieved over the coming to completion of shepherding a million dollar construction project through.) I picked up knitting needles. Soothing, private, quiet, soft. Of course, within a year I was rounding up innocent strangers on the street and dragging them into my knitting classes! After all, even an exhausted E is still an E But I had to put the library in a box for a while, and close the lid.

The 5YP we've been working on has been heavy with plans to do more of the type of thing we did last night - and at last, I am feeling as if I could pull it off. How perfect that I should be able to lay my draft 5YP in the folder on my desk, then cement the concepts it contains into my memory with a sample, before heading off for a refreshing vacation. Perfect sometimes happens and when it does, don’t question it, just enjoy!!

There isn't time to wax eloquent on anything else - I see by the little clock in the corner of my screen that I must pack my lunch and shower. Nothing but Saturdays ahead for 8 more days.

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