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Thursday, March 25, 2004  

Oh - this is no fair - weather dot com now says it will rain 6 of the 9 days of my vacation. Too cruel by far! On the other hand my favorite astrologer says this:

"Not everything will work out brilliantly but you'll soon lose that gnawing mood of trepidation which has been welling up so dramatically lately. At first, you may miss the tension. You have geared yourself up to coping with emergencies. Your shoulders are tense from absorbing the stress and your knuckles are white from the effort to cling on to common sense. Like a marathon runner, full of adrenaline and determination, you may find it hard to relax, even when you have passed the finishing line. Soon, though, you'll see you have every reason to celebrate."

This is much better, especially since my vacation begins at 8 o'clock tomorrow night and while there is plenty to do over the next 2 days, none of it is onerous. I will have to pick up and sort the mountain of paper on my desk, detritus of the mad dash on the 5YP efforts of the past 3 days. The last thing I did before coming home yesterday was to type up a list of ThingsToDo and tape it to the monitor in my office. Today will be a Tick That Off The List day. Tomorrow will include a little more last minute stuff in the a.m. In the p.m. I will be judging at the middle school forensics meet. I'll dash back from that to the Art Show reception at the library. A looooong day - but an easy one. How fortunate I'm an ENFP.

I see where Lion Brand yarn is coming out with a new yarn called Landscape - bulky mohair and wool in handpaint colors. As a rule, I don't care for Lion Brand yarns. I think they are nice enough for low priced yarns, only, they aren't all that low priced. I do applaud their efforts to provide new and different textures to a broad category of Wal-mart and Michael's shoppers, but I'm unlikely to partake of them. In the end, I just don’t care or the squeak of acrylic in my knitting projects.

I forgot to mention yesterday that my copy of Knitting in the Old Way arrived from Overstock dot com. What a delicious treat. I love this book - it is the only one that I would say flows naturally from Elizabeth Zimmerman's teachings. It's a history of knitting as seen through the peasant shapes of European (with the Salish Indian shape tossed in) sweaters. Lots of natural flow from proportional, percentage based designs. I'm inspired by every page - though this is the least glossy book you will ever pick up. Printed on something that feels like newsprint paper, it is very light - so although big, I can take it into the bathtub with me. I'm so glad this book was reprinted.

Seems there are many interesting and exciting books that are asking knitters to look deeper into their craft. I have recently purchased (at enormous cost) Debbie New's Unexpected Knitting and tracked down, at rather as much effort, a copy of Anna Zilboorg's Knitting for Anarchists. Now Annie Modesit has come out with Confessions of a Knitting Heretic
, which I ordered this week and am awaiting with happy anticipation. I have also finally subscribed to Knit 'n Style, a magazine I believe is rather under-appreciated, to replace my lapsed Knitters subscription. I'll give KnS a chance to win my heart. My last indulgence, which some of you may have missed - is the free sample of Fiberarts Magazine. This old Sterling publication was picked up, first by Barnes & Noble, and then sold to Interweave Press. I sure do like the cover and they are offering you a free sample issue. When you order it, have them bill you. I believe the limited time is very limited - so do take advantage soon.

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