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Thursday, March 18, 2004  

Man - nothing can lift the spirits like e-mail from a beloved friend. I was really creeping around in my Cockroach on the Floor of Life mode yesterday, after screwing up something at work that, while minor, was stupid and totally avoidable; and getting blessed out for it too. Rats and crumbs for sure. It’s always easier to take life’s blows to heart when you’ve got crud in your lungs and a stuffy nose and, while driving home from work, you scarf down a whole column of Girl Scout Thin Mints that didn’t have any mint flavor so you keep eating one more to see if this one would taste minty - completely forgetting that you haven’t been able to taste anything for a week anyway. I was moping like a dishrag and wondering if I should eat worms or just crawl under a carpet. Next best thing to do, after those options, is to buzz off on-line and what do you find? Not viagra adds and credit repair offers! REAL E-MAIL!!

Thank you sugar - you know who you are.

And -- if you’ve been wondering if you ought to click on and write to your friend - probably you should. He/She is probably really down and needs to know you love him/her.

Not all of yesterday was a bust, of course. We had an Irish story hour yesterday for the kiddies and I put on the Riverdance video. All the girls leapt onto the floor, dancing with abandon. It took a lot longer for the boys to join in, but eventually most of them did. How typical. What is it about men that makes them so reluctant to step out on the dance floor? Especially this sort of dancing where you don’t have to actually touch a girl? This is so the story of every cotillion and about 75% of the adult dances I’ve ever attended. Is it southern, modern or just some innate reluctance to move the body in front of others? Sure have come a long way away from our tribal origins - too bad. All my copies of that video got checked out yesterday.

Yikes! Seems like everything I say drags down into the gloom pit. This isn’t true either. I plied up the angora yesterday - the 2 ply is a 14-15 WPI yarn of uncommon even-ness - not too tight, silky soft and warm to both touch and see. I’m really, really pleased with it. I can’t find one thing to be gloomy about this. Two ounces spun up about 180 yards - plenty for the hat. And better than that - I dug out of the stash some chocolate brown merino roving, not the world’s softest merino, but soft enough - and it will spin fine into a perfect compliment yarn for the angora. I think I still want a tan color - perhaps a dark camel - for this project, but I have lots of white merino top. I can dye some of that - maybe even this weekend.

I also pulled out the beautiful Golding Spindle to experiment with the brown merino and rediscovered how much I love this tool. The process flooded back into my fingers immediately. A beautiful thin yarn with a lovely ply seemed to just grow out of my hands. Ahhh yes. Sensual loveliness. Spindle spinning is a little slow and I want this yarn right away, though, so now that the bunnystuff is off the bobbins I’ll use the wheel to make up my hat’s worth. In fact, I’m going to make enough for mittens too. I’ve still got several ounces of bunny left and I want a pair of mittens. I’m thinking I’ll do a stranded color pattern on the back and then weave the long float across the inside of the palm. What pleasure it will be to scrunch my cold fingers against that furry mitten lining.

But truth? What I really want is some bunny underwear. Yeah ... can’t help thinking about an angora bra!! ooooooo Yum.

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