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Monday, March 08, 2004  

Man I hate it when a perfect weekend comes to an end. I want every day of my life to be part of a perfect weekend. Glorious sunshine greeted me yesterday, slightly cooler, but still pleasant enough to not bother with heat. Crisp colors, vibrant distinctions between edges, blueblueblue sky. Sigh.

The only fly in the ointment was that I’d accepted a dinner engagement. Now - I am truly an E in the personality test world - I am energized by people. I solve problems in a group. The longer I stay at a party the more fun I have. BUT

I also need, cherish and, this year, don’t have enough, down time. Time alone. Time spent idling, dawdling, selfishly forgetting anybody else exists in the world. Time to read MY book. Time to take a nap. Time to stay up late knowing I don’t have any obligations tomorrow. So, twined with my group nature, is my solitary streak. Every time I looked outside at that perfect world I would get all bent out of shape knowing I had to leave it at 6 o’clock. I mean it - what sort of friend asks you over for dinner!!?

Lesson learned - don’t accept Sunday night invitations. LD was invited too, so we both went and had a good time, mind you - nobody would ever know how much I grumbled between 2 and 6. But I have to keep in mind just how precious that last day of the weekend/vacation is to me and remember to make excuses when I’m invited out.

I had a grand time in fiberland yesterday. I knitted a shawl out of two Trendsetter yarns, Aura Antique in color #2023 and Segue in color #118 - which is much more of a blue/green Monet sort of color than it appears in this photo (which makes it look sort of tan)

It was one of those cast on 3 stitches and increase at both ends of every other row shawls. Knit till there’s not much left and make fringe out of the last bits. What a fun project. It took exactly one viewing of Pride and Prejudice to knit the whole thing on size 50 needles! Those things are so big I had to prop the needle in my lap to knit the first stitch or two of each row. Not my preferred knitting, but not bad for a few hours. And what a darling of a garment. It’s just a tad bit skimpy as a shawl, for someone with my shoulders - which are quite broad - but with the fringe, it’s okay. And it works perfectly as more of a scarf. And it’s drapey enough to tie around your head to make a sort of turbanish hat - a la gypsy dancer.

I took photos - who knows if they’ll show up - I had to use a regular camera outdoors and the wind was blowing like march lions. I’ll pop the film in this morning and if they turn out, I’ll post them either later today or tomorrow. I still need to even up the fringe and even my good scissors fray this a little so I’ll have to be in exactly the right mood to do the trimming. Like cutting your own bangs, if you’re the least bit tired, you’ll make a crooked mess out of it all.

This is a real one skein wonder - you certainly don’t need the aura antique in this shawl so you could save $15 off the price. The Segue was about $25 a skein and you only need one. It drapes like rayon although it’s a polyamide - at least, the ball band says it is - is Nylon a polyamide? Have to ask the chemist. If you had to have a wrap for your evening gown to wear at the soiree tonight, you could start it in the a.m. and still have time to get your hair done in the p.m.

Consulted with Jen on the cloud of plum sweater and feel more confident now about the gauge I’m getting, so I also got in a few more rounds of that as well. And of course nothing puts me in a better mood than P&P. All in all - a perfect weekend. BD was home when I got back from dinner out - welcome lights are just soooo nice on a dark and stormy night - which last night was. It was our first thunder storm of the spring.

Today we go to a sad funeral - one of those freakish deaths that come out of nowhere, an unexpectedly young man and a heart attack. It is the sort of thing that throws all plans out the window, for I had registered to go to a reception in Richmond today. I’ll be sorry to miss an old friend coming to speak all the way from Texas but I would miss saying goodbye to Loper a heck of a lot more. Good thing my horoscope warned me to go with the flow this week - don’t try to make anything happen. Guess that’s just what I’m in the mood for too. The unplanned life. Yep. Sounds right to me.

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