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Friday, March 05, 2004  

Join me in a stroll down memory lane with:

Today’s Friday Five
What was...

1. ...your first grade teacher's name?

Miss Bame, probably all of 21 years old, in a brand spanking new babbyboomer elementary school in what was once an agricultural county outside the state capital. She was sweet and soft and pretty, the way a first grade teacher ought to be, and she taught 80 children a day, in two shifts of 40 children. Every time I hear a teacher whine about overcrowded classes of 25 or 29 kids I sneer with disdain. I remember she brought in the biggest pumpkin in the world for Halloween and, whatever it was she did, she left me with the feeling that we’d all carved it. Later that week she asked if anybody wasn’t going to have a jack-o-lantern that year and since my dad was a great one for teasing his kids, and he’d told us we weren’t going to have one, my hand popped up. It was the only hand that did so and I was proudly awarded the behemoth. My big sister had to carry it home, but I overheard my Dad say how embarrassing it was that the teacher thought we were too poor to have a pumpkin. She also passed me, even though I couldn’t read at the end of the year.

2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

The one that came on Sunday - Rocky & Bullwinkle, of course, wasn’t that everybody’s? But before that I liked Mighty Mouse. Mama once said if all mice were as cute as he was, she’d welcome them as dinner guests.

3. ...the name of your very first best friend?

Edie McNeal, of the huge family next door with brothers as big as men. Her mother put the kids out in the morning and locked the doors till dinner. Since there were 8 of them in something like an 800 square foot house - I suppose I don’t blame her.

4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal?

Cap’n Crunch. Still is, actually - but mostly for desert.

5. ...your favorite thing to do after school?

Hard to say on that one - but what I probably did do was either play with dolls (the only girl in my family to do so) or devise ways for my little sisters to torment my big sister. We lived in three neighborhoods when I was growing up and each offered different types of play. In the first, starter home neighborhood there were so many kids you never lacked for playmates. In the second, a much more upwardly mobile, striving, grasping sort of place, everybody seemed unfriendly but we were surrounded by a magical glorious woods with a stony creek, fantastic sled trails, and enough acorns every fall for the girls to get into acorn wars with the boys. The final neighborhood was an old, established, settled city neighborhood with big houses on big lawns within walking distance of shops and schools and libraries. I liked that one the best.

And now that I’ve successfully filled up a page with text I will add just a few more in-the-present tidbits. Daffodils are blooming - I noticed them first when driving home on Wednesday. Only a few in my own collection of 1,300+ are open, but they are boldly singing in the springtime. This week of gloriously warm weather has me hating my winter clothes and stalking the shops for bright colors. I was unable to resist some new duds, either, and this year there is a salmon/apricot/orange/pink that is enormously popular AND it’s the only pink I can wear. Do you wonder who now has 4 new items in salmon/apricot/orange/pink?
Though we are expected to get rain this weekend, I’m going to dye the silk yarn that Jen sent. This is not a handpaint process, but an emersion one - and doesn’t need much space. It can dry in the downstairs shower. There’s no hurry on it, because I’m doing a contract knitting piece right now anyway. And if it really rains all weekend, I won’t have to feel guilty about knitting all weekend long and not cleaning up the world’s worst mess of a garden.
2 weeks ago Bess had something of an epiphanal talk with Bess about her weight training and since then I’ve found it remarkably easy to keep to the exercise routine. Mind, now, I hadn’t not been working out - just not with the regularity I felt I ought to commit to. Well - while trying on all those delicious new clothes this week I realize the effects of the effort are already visible. Nothing like visuals to keep up the enthusiasm.
I am really ready for spring.

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