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Wednesday, March 10, 2004  

I've been enjoying a spate of 8 hour sleeps - rare in my menopausal phase of life - and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Couple that, though, with the NoPersonalInternetUseAtWork policy and I don't have quite as much time to post as I have in the past - much less read all the interesting things that prompt brain-meanders.

Spring is thrusting itself into my consciousness - reminding me that once again the Ice Follies are up and I haven’t pulled all the grass out of their beds. Now I must do it by hand instead of rake. Rats.

Last night was our knitters group and two of my new students were there with finished hats! It’s amazing how beautiful these hats end up being and wonderful how proud the students are. I’m reminded yet again, what a dumb beginner project a scarf is. B O R I N G beyond belief. A hat makes them switch and change and do something different every few inches. Rib. Increase. Color pattern-work, Decrease. Pompoms. Way cool.

Being out late at night always energizes me and I sat up pretty late with BD - he reading, I spinning a blend of Clunn Forest/angora/alpaca I got from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. It spins sooooo fine. I’m thinking lace.

Last night was also a lowering experience at WW - for I have gained back 1.8 lbs - and am back on the weight loss part of the program. I knew it had happened, although I am not altogether sure it isn’t the result of working with weights so much. No matter what the cause - I know I have not been eating quite as healthfully as I like - I can feel it - it’s a vegetable thing. Time to rein in the sloppiness before it gets out of hand. Ah well. I knew this was for lifetime. Sorta like marriage, right?

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