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Wednesday, March 17, 2004  

Insomnia strikes again and I’ve been prowling downstairs for an hour. Darn. I’ve really been savoring the good night’s sleeps. Eh. So. I sit down to the computer and Yikes! What’s happened!

Oh lawsee - BD has plugged in the old machine and I’m using windows98. The thing creaks like an antique Regency Roué’s corset. Lord love the man, but I wish to heaven he’d just accept that no computer will ever please him, junk the old crap and adjust to whatever other really inconvenient thing Microsoft can come up with. I have adjusted to XP and don’t want to listen to this dinosaur’s stomach rumble any more.

Poor man - I knew he’d hate XP - it’s so oozy - the way it hesitates an insolent moment before opening up the next screen. But for all it seems creepily slow, it is still faster than the old machine. Sigh. Still and all, this machine really is his work machine and if he has to spend all day with it, he really ought to have what he wants. Just that - I can’t believe he wants this!

Yesterday was excruciatingly long and by the end of it I was dragging. Probably why I couldn’t stay asleep during the night. A 9 a.m. meeting, 2 hours with my friendly dentist, including a Novocain shot that did something weird to my right ear, then my WW meeting after work. All, with the exception of the dentist’s chair, were things I enjoy but man oh man, by the end of the day I was wiped.

The best part of it all, though, was working with a new knitting buddy. There is just about nothing as much fun as someone who wants to understand your pleasures. B really wants to see how it all works. Explaining a sock to her in my “what’s really going on here” manner was complete pleasure because she sees it. Her mind wants to understand the reason you do something, not just obey someone’s instructions. Of course, she has the mathematical grasp of a gifted quilter, coupled with the esthetics to see why this pattern should be used, but not that one. She’s working on socks as well as a Lopi sweater. It was utter joy to hold that heel flap and show her what I want her to look for when she starts picking up gusset stitches. Been a while since I felt my knitting brain touch the knitting brain of another.

This is different from the pleasure of seeing your students produce something lovely. That is fun and a little like magic - but so often my students don’t make it their own - they wait for me to tell them what to do next. I am opinionated enough to offer all sorts of suggestions, but what fires me up is when the student says “hey, look, I took what you showed me how to do, and did this with it!”

As for my own fiber foray - I merely knit a little on the mohair sweater, and when I got home, spun a tad of the angora. Oooo that is the nicest thing to spin. So soft, so slick, so silky. I’m still working in my head with color ideas for the bohus/fair isle tam. Can’t decide if I want to do whimsical designs or traditional ones. Isn’t it nice there’s plenty of time to come to that decision. It’s one of the joys of spinning - that you can let your fancy take flight while you are sitting grounded with your wheel.

Today is hump day. It is also Wednesday, which means story hour. And green - for the Irish in me - me gran’ma was the gran’daaahterrrr of an Irish potato famine immigrant who did whell in the new whorrrrrld. So the luck of the Eyerrrrrrrish to ya!

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