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Friday, March 12, 2004  

I just couldn’t get my butt going yesterday and since I’d cleared the major hurdles of the week by 4:30 Wednesday, I just went home. It was a gorgeous March day - clear blue skies of that particular color that goes with the pinks of maple blossoms, a moderate breeze, 50 degrees. BD and dogs met me as I drove up with hugs and wags. After a short nap - good gracious where did that need come from? - we headed out on a magnificient walk. When I crossed Farmer’s Hall Creek on the drive home (which happens to be right by my driving praying place) there were 30 turtles sunning on logs. I insisted we walk back to see them, but we took the roundabout way - by Robert’s Landing, LD’s house and then down the road.

Now - we’ve had bald eagles around here for a good 20 years and I always feel like they are good omens. I knew there was a couple living close because I see them flying over the farm every week. We struck out across the field, headding west, and decided to take the shortcut across Robert’s. Emerging from the woods we were arrested by the flash of white feathers. It was Papa Eagle - feinting and guarding Mama. We stood transfixed, on the edge of the field - with the slope down to the marsh at our feet. My eyes scanned the tree line along the bank and lo - there she was! The nest looks new - though it may merely be refurbished. Only her head appeared above the sticks, but she never took her eyes off of us. With a courteous nod and a wave, we strolled on, hearts swollen with joy at discovering Where the Bald Eagles Live.

We walked and walked yesterday, talking about things, admiring the early spring - but I forgot that it was maple season - not maple syrup, either, but maple pollen and oh my - by the time we got home around 5:30 my throat was on fire. Dang these stupid pollen allergies. 12 hours of sleep later I am actually worse, though I hope being up and moving around will help some. It’s probably been coming on a while - whence the mild depression - because I had an ache in my back yesterday too - the sort of thing you get when you should be feeling fine but aren’t. Rats.

How am I ever going to get out into my garden?

I’ll stay home today. I have about a gazillion hours of sick leave, so I may as well use them. And something in my pollen-dusted brain told me to bring home the budget sheets (due in Monday) so I can work on them at home. The main thing is to be somewhere I shan’t be tempted to talk - I’m afraid flames will come out of my mouth.

While waiting for dinner to cook yesterday I sat at the wheel and finished up the first half of the Clunn forest blend. Rather, I should say, I took a look at what was left of the roving, had the wise thought of weighing it, and found I’d spun up exactly half - so I put on a new bobbin to spin up the rest. Before I started on the blend, though I got to wondering about all that angora I’d picked up over the years. I’ve got a lot of it, but have never tried to spin it. Hands rummaging in the heap, bag discovered, I was soon spinning up the soft, slick, slippery stuff. Oooo it is nice. This particular batch is short, maybe 2-3 inches. It was a lot cheaper because it was the short stuff - but had still looked long enough to my ignorant eyes. After working with it I realize that it would be more fun to spin the longer fiber, but I couldn’t really say it was difficult to spin - and goodness, it is delicious to handle. I only spun a little bit of 2 ply, maybe 15-20 yards. Enough to knit a tiny sample. It looks like DK weight - which is what I seem to naturally spin, when spinning fine.

Spinning it fine, and fairly tight, made a very smooth single, but when I plied it, all the fuzzy tips popped out giving the yarn a marvelous haze. My brain is thinking “fair isle tam with pattern in angora!! - dark yarn with pale design! Maybe Bohus knitting” Of course, I don’t have any suitable dark yarn. Oh. Yes. I do, No. I don’t. I have lots of Shetland but I don’t want to mix it with the angora - it’s so stiff - only -maybe the stiffness of the Shetland will give a nice body to the hat, while the angora design will give it a little balancing drape.

Well - now you see how my mind works. Rather goofy - but it’s because I have so little actual experience with some of these fibers. I think I’m about to launch myself into a hat sampler collection. There are so many different designs swirling around in my brain, and while I enjoy knitting small swatches, I think I’d rather have some real garments to display these forays into fiber experimentation. Besides - I seem to have given away an enormous number of finished objects. I have very little to show when it comes time to inspire new students.

And perhaps if I finish up some of the fiber/yarn/stuff in my stash I will indluge myself with 20 balls of Cashmarino Aran in Cinnamon from Ram Wools, to knit that aran sweater with matching hat I long for.

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