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Sunday, March 21, 2004  

For a full house weekend, things are remarkably quiet here. Yesterday we filled up this place with guests and fun and there was lively activity smack up till long past when I went to bed, leaving all the boys downstairs, watching a movie.

A, came for a fiber playdate with me, and M and his two boys came to play with B&LD. This made for lots of excitement and activity - what with yarn dyeing, fishing, auto mechanic play (yes yes LD really thinks this is play) and happy frisking dogs prancing along wherever anybody might be taking a walk.

Well. Typed too soon. Here comes LD with a truck load of boys and now the guys upstairs are stirring. This will have to be quick.

We did have a glorious time with colors - another addict is born - and I have a lovely 2 oz. length of camel colored merino roving to spin up for the angora hat. More plans were made for more dyeing days. 5.5 days till my vacation starts. What a countdown!

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