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Saturday, March 06, 2004  

Fiber stuff at the end

Here my friends, is a profile of one of my favorite, in the whole world, animators - Zdenek .Miler. You probably never heard of him. Till now, that is. Now you are richer by far, than you were a little while ago. Almost as rich as I. At least you know about Mr. Miler and Kretk. And if you ever visit the Essex Public Library, I can show you some of the Krtek, or Mole, films, for I have a tiny remnant of the old State Library film collection, and whoever the department head was back in the early ‘90's, he had the wisdom to snap up the tiny selection being offered in the US.

I had no idea there were 62 of them. I have 3 and have seen another 4 or 5. They are so special. They are without dialogue, but the little sounds of surprise, disappointment, sorrow, Miler uses to convey important emotions, are universal. They are witty, funny, clever. That they aren’t available to American children is one of the saddest things - one of the reasons I hate television. Too much lip flappin’, as my dear father-in-law used to say. Too many anvils smashing on heads. Too much falling off of cliffs.

Mind now, I don’t disdain the value of things that go BANG. I also understand it’s a guy thing. I even enjoy loud noise myself, at times. It’s just that, I would rather have wit, cleverness, whimsey, and gentle teasing for the meat of my literature, with BANG as the punctuation. I don’t need to be smacked up side the head. Please, please, surprise me with a revelation - or better yet - let me discover it myself!

I have had the great good fortune to watch a number of foreign animated films, collected by that long departed film librarian. The collection was eliminated in a budget crunch, via the hideously faulty reasoning that “it’s all available on video, now”. Yikes! You tell me where you can get your child a copy of Pixar’s Tin Toy, the Dorothy cartoons
or Canada’s Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin! (OH - well - of course, Peggy Rudd, State Librarian of Texas, has it in her collection. Heck. She is the one who saw I got the old State Library’s copies!)

And - here is a source for Cinderella Penguin. (Do watch the end, when the credits roll - and see the babies hatch!!)

Anyway - I don’t mean to dis American animated films. I think America has produced some fantastic cartoon art. I’m just disgusted that folks can’t get their hands on - and eyes wrapped around - some of the fantastic stuff produced in the rest of the world.

Now, my dears, because this is a knitting blog - well, it’s a Bess blog, but with knitting as it’s content - do check out Zdenek .Miler’s sweater! Oooo. Beautiful.

I have my silk soaking in the downstairs bathroom. It goes on the stove today. Huge gusts of Florida breezes are stirring the treetops today. I have the front door open to flush out winter air, but we are warned. Cold weather is on the way. Sigh.

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