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Saturday, March 13, 2004  

A day of moping about with a tiny bit of spinning, a tiny bit of knitting, and a tiny bit of reading. Nothing feels good so nothing is too much fun. Eh. Just the way it is with these things. I’m never sure if it’s allergies or a cold, because I always seem to get whatever it is at mold/pollen season and my voice always disappears, but I also get a fever. Yuck. Crumbs.

But other than that - well, really, I mean, who can be but so grumpy when she gets to stay home! And the book I’m reading is Knitting in the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson Roberts; revised edition. It’s pretty much what I hoped it would be - which is an in-depth discourse on the different folk sweater designs. As a devotee of Elizabeth Zimmermann, I am firmly in the camp of what I might call Organic knitters. I like things to flow from the simplest foundation in a manner both logical and flexible. I knit in the round almost exclusively, although I will knit flat if that feels like the natural flow of the garment’s construction. I actually just knit because the process feels good. There are so many little swatches in my house it’s like a linen shop for mice or dolls.

I like to introduce my students to the idea that if you have beautiful yarn you can pick up needles and begin knitting a garment with it. This is utterly thrilling for 75% of the people who come to me wanting to learn to knit. It is utterly frustrating for the 2% who want to learn how to read patterns. I suspect there are those between one extreme and the other, though, who wonder whatever I am talking about, but are willing to go along with me. So far, they have always been pleasantly surprised with the results of their cooperation. And a few students have really taken flight - soaring far beyond me in their production and creativity.

I’m just at the beginning of the discourse on the different sweater shapes. So far I have enjoyed the section on yarns & fibers, but been slightly confused about the descriptions of the different knitting styles. This confusion isn’t all that serious since I understand what she’s saying - just don’t follow how she says it. It is entirely possible this is because of DragonThroatStuffedHeadSyndrome. I’ve picked up a good tip about knitting with silk and some interesting insights on knitting with cotton - a fiber I quite love, but have avoided working with because I don’t have a dryer. Cotton sweaters grow so long with each washing they end up with chimpanzee arms.

It looks to be a gloriously beautiful weekend. I’ll probably sleep through most of it but I plan to finish the Clunn forest blend and 2 more pattern rounds of the mohair lace sweater.

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