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Monday, March 15, 2004  

The Clunn Forest is done - 4 oz spun up to 300 yards of crinkley grayish oatmeal colored yarn with a sort of DK looking weight. I didn’t measure it - I’ve misplaced the WPI dowel and am too lazy to go dig it out of the heap in the den. I’ve noticed several breeds spin up into the above mentioned color. Shetland especially, has a gray cast (Gad I hate to spell gray with an A but the durn spell-checker constantly changes my E to an A). Anyway - I am not sure I’ll leave this yarn in its natural state - grey is not my color. The crinkles make me want to knit this pile into one of those lace mobius scarves. It might also look lovely as gloves. It’s a dainty looking yarn.

It was a very spinning sort of weekend. After hanging the CF out to dry I pulled out several different silk skeins - and realized that one must be bombex and one tussah - because one is a heck of a lot silkier, shinier and smoother than the other. Both are lovely and the colors would certainly go together well and by combining them I would be enough to make a shell - but I’m not sure I want to put the two textures together. Mixing colors and textures takes a subtle hand.

Glad to experiment, though and I pulled out a couple of other bigger fibers - both wool - and spun little samples of them. I have pounds of brown lambswool roving of some unknown breed, which I bought last year at MS&W. It’s very interesting what weather can do to your perceptions of things - for I didn’t get a chance to sit down with the brown lambswool till summertime and it was hot and sticky and itchy. Yesterday it was probably 50, cool enough for this achy body to enjoy a small fire in the stove - and that lovely brown wool spun into gorgeous aran weight 2 ply; even, lofty, and not a whit scratchy.

I finally settled, though, on 2 oz of caramel and white angora fur. I bought 2 bags of this at the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival last October, along with a 1 oz bag of pure white. I’ve spun up one oz of the caramel and will put the other oz on another bobbin to make a 2-ply. This, I am spinning as thin as possible - certainly trying for a sport weight - and by golly, I’ll dig out that dowel and measure it, or make another one. I want an angora and something else knitted tam - probably merino handspun dyed camel colored. And niggling in my ambitious brain is the idea of entering it in the MS&W competition.

Angora is delightful to spin. It’s also very fluffy, as you might expect, with little fluffs of fur floating about the air and sticking to your clothes. It ought to be murder to spin in the hot sticky summertime, but in the cool of march it’s rather fun. It certainly will spin out fine and evenly and joins are very easy to make. The surprise comes when you ply it. POP go the fiber ends, creating the prettiest silkiest softest fluffy haze. I’m plying it pretty tightly because a. I’m spinning it fine, and b. I don’t want it to shed when I knit it. I suspect the tight single will not untwist too much when I ply it and thus, the fibers will be held down more securely.

I am thoroughly enjoying Knitting in the Old Way. I’m reading it slowly, largely, I think, because I feel so crummy. It’s not a tome - though it is big enough and expensive enough. But it is rich with information. I’m not a huge book owner - ”No, Really!” - I work in a library, fer cryin’ out loud! But I do like to own certain books - books I will use again and again. I never buy novels, I don’t want to own most pretty pattern books, and eventually I will own all the Barbara Walker stitch books. The only new books I want to own are the ones that crack open my brain and pour in ideas that weren’t there before. I am not sure - but I believe KitOW will turn out to be a keeper. After I pay off VISA, that is.

I will drag on down to work today. I’m at that swimmy, headstuffy, can’t breathe stage where there’s no comfort anyway so I might as well go to work. I can always go home if it proves too much. But there is a 5-year plan meeting coming up and I don’t have that paperwork here at home.

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