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Monday, March 01, 2004  

4 oz. Silk Fiber
- some swatching
- a little left over
300 yards of Silk Yarn that knits up at 5 st. to the inch.

I believe that will give me the front of a tank top. Now I wish I’d spun the two different colorways together. Now I wish I’d spun it all in the swatch #2 technique. Now I wish I’d done things differently - but wishes are not horses and I am footbound.

And besides, there are wonderful ways to take 300 yards of really pretty silk and make something I can wear. I have thought, of course, about making a teensy little sample tank top, say, maybe something that would fit my teensy friend K. But I’m not nearly that nice, so instead I’m going to get on the phone, call Jen and cross my fingers that she’ll have some plain silk yarn that I can dye in a bronze or teal green to match one of the colors in my multi-colored yarn and knit up something that fits me. That is all the nice I am.

But I thoroughly enjoyed spinning this silk and can’t wait to dye up some more. This time, in exactly the colors I’m thinking of - something that’s a warm peach with either chocolate or purple and green bits.

We had the most splendid weekend with D&P. Long stretches of uninterrupted time to play, to chat, to pick up books or dabble in the kitchen. Long walks through the woods, out onto the pier, into the weedy garden, out across the fields. Just typing these words makes me feel like a long wistful sigh. Gathering my wits to go to work for a whole, uninterrupted, 40 hour week already feels like a burden. Huh. Better work on adjusting that attitude.

But I’m also feeling the WeightOfSpring - no, not all the busy things you have to do in the springtime, but the onset of Pollen&Mold season. There’s a sort of ache in the middle of my back I get when allergies flirt with my body - next comes the sore throat - which means, take your Claritin, Bess or else. If I ignore those early warning signs, I can expect to be sick for the next three months. Last night I fell asleep at 8 and didn’t stir till 6:30 - another harbinger of spring. This is one of the few really crappy things about passing the age midpoint - how much more things like pollen and mold interfere with your life.

Okay, I can blame the draggy feeling on P&M. And besides - it’s March 1 - in our family, that is the real first day of spring. This March holds, not only brighter sun, garden time, and BD’s birthday, but a week’s vacation for me. Yep - something really fine to look forward to. 9 days in a row of nothing but playing with my toys. Ooooo sounds delicious.

And it’s back onto the Lenten discipline. All the talk about Mel Gibson’s Passion has me quite uncomfortable. If I wake in the night, it’s very easy for me to suck in all the burdens of my sinfulness. I can gather recrimination as well as any penitent and anoint myself with pointing fingers all night long. Cursed with what BD calls TheMiracleMemory, I not only remember every slight you ever gave me, I remember pretty nearly every sin I’ve ever committed. Nobody can chastise self like a Virgo. And - no I shan’t go see the movie. I have enough nightmares already in my head - I don’t need visuals.

But I shall stay off the computer at work - and will channel my energies into that heap of uncategorized paper I stuffed in a box and hid beneath my desk when we had the budget meeting last Friday.

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