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Saturday, February 14, 2004  

Who would believe there are three good knitting shops in Richmond and not a one of them sells Addi turbos? I am so ticked about this. I’m in desperate need of a 16" size 4 and another 29" size 5 and I’ll be in Richmond today, but by golly - I shan’t be able to get a one. Here’s a gal ready to drop $30 on knitting needles, with no place to shop. Bummer.

In a perfect world I would have 3 complete sets of Addi’s in both 16" and 29" lengths. Well, no. I don’t need complete sets. I’d settle for sizes 3 through 7. Or maybe I’d like 2 sets of 16" and 4 sets of 29. Or perhaps what I want is the loathly lady’s answer: What I Want The Moment I Want It.

My disappointment about the Addis is because my Elann order came in yesterday and oooo I love this yarn. It’s baby colors - spring yellow, green, orange and purple. It’s a superwash wool and feels very much like cotton when it’s knit up. I am swatching it now to get gauge over stranded colorwork, and think I need size 4 needles. I have a 29" #4 Addi and if I want to design on faith, I could just accept the 6 stitches to the inch on the ball band and start doing the math. But a minimum of 240 stitches for the body is one heck of a big swatch - what if my gauge is 5.5? My 40" sweater suddenly becomes 44". Hmmm. I could live with that. Okay, what if I really get 5 SPI? Yikes! That’s 49 and no way will I want this sweater to be that big. But no way am I going to knit stranded colorwork back and forth. Besides the extreme irritation factor of having to carry floats when you can’t see the design, there is a tremendous difference in the gauge of flat stranded colorwork and circular stranded colorwork. Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and knit the smallest swatch I can on the big circs and see what my real gauge is. Rats. Bummer. Rackumfrackum.

Of course, I could always just dig around some more in my house and see if there is a 16"size 4 circular needle somewhere.

Thinking about perfect worlds, in my perfect world the Skacel Company would color code their needles by size. Silver for 0's, pink for 1's, blue for 2's, etc.... let’s see - 6 primary and secondary colors, silver, gold, black. By then you could recycle the colors because you’d never mistake a size 3 with a size 10.5, so they could both be purple. Yeah, I’m sure color is expensive, but oh how wonderful it would be if you didn’t have to have/find/buy another one of those needle gauge thingies every time you were looking for a specific size needle. Besides, I’m dreaming now - this is my perfect world. So - in my perfect world not only would the needles be color coded, but my maid would put stray needles away for me. And I’d have a studio with lots of windows and a dye room. And unlimited time. Throw in some youth, while I’m at it. After all, if I’m headed for paradise, I’d like an extra 20 years there. A final touch would be to find out where the heck this Norwegian Sport Wool came from and if there is any more if the stuff anywhere. I really like this yarn but they only have a few colors left at Elann.

Okay - ‘nuff grousing. I don’t mean for all these entries to be so sour sounding. I’m really a very sweet sugar pie honey bunch sort of gal and am far more likely to sicken you with {C12H22O11}
than make your lips purse with my tartness. Perhaps it’s just that wits always seem to be such complainers.

And in the sweetness category, yesterday was parTICularly sweet. We open at 1 on Fridays but we go in at 10 to do behind-the-scenes paperwork stuff. That’s a day some volunteers come in, too, to help get the stacks back in order after a week of perusing by the Public. There is a doorbell on the back door, a bit of a joke, since this town is so small folk are used to walking into other people’s houses - after all, it’s probably their daughter’s. So we’re always surprised when someone rings the bell. It might be the UPS guy with a really big package, but more often it’s a stranger. It was yesterday too - a woman, asking for me. Since I didn’t recognize her, right away I began guessing what she might want when I happened to look up and see 4 black tuxedos filled with GuysWhoSing, including RF, who is a particular friend of mine.

Now a moment here, to state that I will follow any GuyWhoSings anywhere. I am a complete and utter fool for GuysWhoSing. Like the Hamlen kids and their flute player, I absolutely can not resist singing men. Thank goodness BD is a GuyWhoSings !

Of course I knew then - and I’m still grinning and still delighted and surely still thanking my Valentine for the barbershop quartet serenade at work in front of friends so I could preen. What a super treat. What a sweetheart. Yes! I’ll be his valentine - any day.

I even got the extra warm fuzzy when RF’s wife M came by later in the day and told me all about setting it up. The quartet was singing around town last year and happened upon my hairdresser when I was getting a cut (fortunately she was about done, I didn’t have to sit with a wet head through it all). I raved a week about how cool these guys were, and groused about Valentines coming on Saturday this year so that I’d have to wait another year if I wanted them to show up at work. Law - who would want them serenading you at home on a Saturday, when you’re probably in ratty T-shirt and vacuum? But M knew they’d be making the rounds on Friday this year and she got on the phone to BD. The whole thing became a sweet tender vignette, like something from Under the Tuscan Sun or A Year in Provence - American style.

Just up this sugar baby’s alley.

And a Happy Valentine’s day to you too.

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