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Tuesday, February 10, 2004  

Still wallowing in the Spring Fashion offerings on the NYT. Of course I expect the language to be effete and the clothes to be ridiculous, but I’m always willing to be delighted. While clicking through the slide show, snickering at the blue sheerling coat with brown feather trim over the chiffon gown, and mentally deleting the leopard-print jacket with fur collar over mauve blouse and what they called tweed skirt (looked like pin-tucked lame to me but hey - this is just a computer monitor, I’ll take their word for it the skirt was tweed), I stumbled upon Carolina Herrera’s [probably] silk skirt in black, white and brown art-nouveau sinuous chevrons, beneath a snug fitting shell with enough matching scarf wrapped around the model’s neck to cover a standard double bed. But it worked, especially for the long’n’lean types and was quite pretty. It was also; just a skirt and sweater.

Daine Von Furstenburg is back with her wrap dress, this time, not in tiny foulard print, but black crepe with a little capelet over the shoulders - can’t tell if it’s attached or an add-on. It was always a good design and it still is, though, outside of NY, I’d drop the silly capelet.

Bess’s new Theory of Fashion Shows:

Have lots of really ugly outfits so that when you bring back your old, faithful, elegant standby, people will be so relieved they won’t care that it’s the same old same old tricked out in a different color.

I’d love to be going to the sort of event where I could wear the Oscar De La Renta flouncy ball gown - it looks like the one Barbie wore back in 1962, with a sheath body and huge ruffles flouncing from just above the knee, all the way to the floor. In my next life, for sure.

Blonde and tanned is big this year. All the models looked like Claudia Schiffler. I wish I could buy that face and body along with the gown. Even if just for a week or even some Cinderella like evening with the prince and the pumpkins.

”The knits are good” “Yes, the knits are good” was the quote of the day, so we knitters will still be riding the crest this summer. I guess that means your LYS is safe for another year, since knits are always good in the autumn. (Ever notice how much more you like the fall issues of knitting magazines than any others?)

Speaking of magazines, the library’s copy of Interweave Knits showed up on Thursday and I gave it a quick peek, thinking my copy would be in the mailbox when I got home. Humph. It hasn’t showed up yet. And speaking a little more along the fiber thread, yesterday’s lovely Fiber Guild meeting went really well. Like me, everybody there was enthralled with the crocheted steek technique. Even the new knitters were excited and one of them couldn’t wait to go home and teach her sister, the expert, how to do it better! Evidently, Sister had knit a fair isle sweater with wrapped steeks!! EEK!

Tonight is Tuesday Night Knitters as well as WW and I believe I have a meeting at 9 a.m. too, so I’ll head in to work early. If the meeting is a no-show I will scan in the newest sock and post it. I’ll also take the Stars sweater and sew in the loose threads. It’s the intended Valentine outfit for tomorrow’s story hour. Very red. Possibly a photo. Probably a cartoon about it.

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