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Sunday, February 29, 2004  

So sunshine and impending guests got me going yesterday and large quantities of dirt are no longer sprinkled around the house. (I fear a bit of it got into my lungs - Claritin time for me.) BD was also prompted by the turn of the planet and now most of the chuckholes in the road are filled with Crush-&-Run. C&R is sort of blueish gray, which contrasts vividly with the beige of Tidewater Virginia soil. But one no longer needs a neck brace to drive faster than 10 mph on our lane.

D&P arrived in the afternoon and immediately we hillbillied it, by separating the men from the women, with the guys sitting down before the computer and the gals picking up knitting needles. Of course this is not a gender thing, merely individual interests finding companionship in like-minded souls. Yeah, right In the evening we feasted upon perch and rockfish, courtesy of LD who said we can continue to eat like this till late March.

The house is asleep now - always a compliment to the hostess, when her guests can find comfort in her home. I think I shall pull out HeyBaby and see what I can do with that silk.

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