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Sunday, February 01, 2004  

Okay - no more panic attics and no more pitty parties. For now, at least. It’s sufficient to say that LD and I cleared the driveway for my folks and I delivered a solution to the only problem I have any moral obligation to address.

Bess’s prayer for the day:

Lord, help me remember, this free will stuff was your idea.


I was so utterly bushed yesterday when we got home, after dragging trees and bundles of greenbriar up a snow covered bank, I collapsed into the hot-bath-&-bed and was asleep by 8:30. Man that feels good. And in the car, coming and going, I was able to knit away on a fair isle sock cuff. I had begun the thing last Monday, when I had a surprise day off. Unfortunately, I’d pulled the floats so tight I couldn’t get the thing over my ankle - or at least - I could, with tremendous effort, drag it over the ankle/heel area, but I knew I’d never wear socks that hard to put on. I thought a while about giving them to a Cinderella-footed friend but dang, I want these socks. So - ripped ‘em out Tuesday and told them to sit a while and think about things.

I’m glad now, that I did. The idea for these socks came when three balls of yarn fell out onto the floor. A burgundy sock yarn, a multicolored sock yarn and one of my thousands of balls of sport weight Nature Spun in rust. The three colors were beautiful but I hesitated to use the rust - it’s not sock yarn and these other yarns are machine washable. The first time ‘round I left out the rust and the socks were nice - but lacked that punch the rust would give. This time I knit the rib, about an 1.5 inches, in burgundy with a multi stripe, then stocking stitch in burgundy with dots of multi - then a wide band of the rust background for a multi flower in stranded colorwork. I’ll do the heel in the multi and the sock in burgundy and the toe in multi.

I really do enjoy stranded colorwork, especially in a piece as small as a sock, because I only have to do the pattern twice. When it’s done, I’ll scan it, but no promises of when it’ll be posted. The main server that gives our library its internet access is down and the tech guy said it’s a hardware issue. Who knows when it’ll be back up.

Today I have nothing but happy easy stuff to do. Knitting, plying my bobbins full of merino, watching a comedy movie - I am absolutely not in the mood for serious film watching. I want light, frivolous, and funny. I don’t even have laundry to do since I borrowed my folks machine while I was there. They have a dryer and originally the weather forecast for today was for rain. You don’t want to think about frozen wet laundry hanging on the clothes line in winter.

Bess’s second prayer for the day:

Lord, give me an easy week. Amen

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