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Saturday, February 28, 2004  

Made it through the first 3 days of Lenten attempts at responsible Internet use. Don’t think I didn’t feel the strain, but it felt good. too; the way doing exercise the right way feels good. And yesterday I made it all the way to quittin’ time, which was about quarter past 5 without logging onto any personal web sites. Usually I stay till 6 on Fridays, but I’d been there since before 9, so I clipped about 45 minutes off the day at the other end.

I am friends with a couple who have been married for 100 years. She once told me that they have a list of arguments they like to pick up and play with whenever there is nothing else to talk about. (That was a weird thought for me, but I see that BD and I have them too, now that we’ve been married for 30 years - didn’t take long for us) One of them was “Is time your friend, or is time your enemy?” She takes defense - that time is her enemy, never hanging around long enough to do it all, while he says it is your friend, allowing you to budget and schedule and fit everything in. Sounds like the classic engineer married to artist sort of thing. Or an FP married to an SJ - which, in fact, is what BD and I are. But I like the “time is your friend” argument and I adore time budgeting - whenever I get around to doing it. It’s usually something I flirt with, rather than make use of. But in this early flirting stage, as if it were the springtime of a budding romance, I will indulge myself by being efficient and productive and useful. Later, like pansies in July’s killer heat, my efforts tend to collapse, but one does not look too far ahead, whether gardening or falling in love, nor need I spend much time considering how sloppy I will become later, while I put my life in order today.

Live in the present - makes a good bumper sticker.

And when the urge to fritter hit me late in the day, I went into the stacks and shelf-checked - which is librarianese for putting the books back in their correct order. Keep in mind, where the public goes, chaos follows and the most well meaning of folk will put books back on the shelf anywhere in the mistaken belief that they are helping us keep the place looking nice.

The bonus in this package was that I discovered oh-so-many delicious titles I had forgotten we owned. Man - we have a cool collection. I wish, oh wish, I had one separate body that was just for reading. In fact, I don’t really need more than an upper torso. I could leave it in the library at night and it could start with the 000.000's and read its way through to the 999.999's. While tidying up one stack I found this and this

Humph. I bought both of those books intending to read them myself. I’ve never read either. Occupational hazzard - like the cobbler’s children, who never have any shoes.

One bonus from making a change in the daily routine is that it helps you remember to do other things you intended to do - like, going to the gym after work. Friday at 5, at our gym, is a great time to go because only the diehards are there, everyone else is kickin’ back or on a date or just someplace else, leaving all the machines available. You don’t want to show up at 5:15 on a weekday - every guy and gal in town is there and they must all work on that side of town, because they got there before you and signed up for all the good stuff. That’s why I usually go during my lunch or early before work. But on Fridays there’s plenty of choice and no sense that somebody is wishing you’d hurry up and get off that elliptical machine, fer cryin’ out loud, ya been there forever!

I spun some of the bright turquoise silk yesterday, which gave me time to grow worried that I won’t have enough of the many-color-changes singles (on bobbin #1) to ply with this one-of-each-color stuff (bobbin #2). I didn’t finish the br. trq. and there is still plum, bronze and golden-orange to spin. I’m thinking I’ll put B #1 back on the wheel and spin up that other segment of roving, plus all the odd little bits that contained too much of two colors to use with B #2. Maybe if I know how much of the first stuff there is I won’t be so anxious about the second stuff - at least, I’ll have the option of spinning less of the bright turquoise and plums and more of the bronze and oranges.

Talking about colors probably doesn’t do anything but give people a headache, but making myself write it out here really helps me work through some puzzles. The big joke on me is that the more I looked at the samples I knit up last weekend, (see below) the more I liked the second sample - the one where I matched the blues - and now I wish I’d chosen that spinning process over the one I’m doing now.

But I refuse to be worried or disappointed. This is how one learns. I will know what I like better, next time. I’m keeping fairly good notes on this and I expect to do more ‘discovery” spinning in the future. It’s such a rich feeling to know there’s so much more ahead to learn.

And now I really must go vacuum. D&P will be here for lunch and I don’t want this week’s accumulation of dog hair and dust to be part of the welcoming committee.

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