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Monday, February 02, 2004  

It’s still cold. It’s sucky yucky mucky cold. I am tired of relentless cold. I am reminded of why I’m glad I live in the south. It makes me wish I were further south than I am. Bah.

Virginia is the land of changeable weather and it’s one of it’s most endearing charms - for someone like me, classic ENFP; the type of person who - oh hey, look, a bird!

I expect snow and ice followed by 70 degree days when I dig out shorts and bicycle and pretend it is May, though it’s really Groundhog day. I love it when we get a week of cold rain in the middle of summer. The idea of skating on the river is fine, and the actuality is a real treat once, or even twice, but when 10 days go by and it doesn’t get out of the 30’s, it’s bloomin’ cold in this house!

The guys were out all day cutting up the Isabelle-Felled trees blocking the paths in the forest. One of the things I truly adore about BD is that he builds paths through the woods. He’s the kid who drew complex mazes in math class, instead of doing his homework. He’s also the kid who told me he knew he was going to graduate from high school - he had straight Ds. You know, the guy who taught himself Ancient Greek and then translated Aeschylus.

Anyway, both the Ds are big path builders, creating trails all over the farm and even through adjacent woods up to Rose Hill and Lilymount, a good 8 mile trek away. Their work kept them out of the house all day and gave me that blessed time to linger over everything I chose to do.

The first of the stranded colorwork socks is finished - down to the last tail being woven in. Should the network be up and running today I’ll post a picture of it. I love the design and with the exception of one round, the knitting pleases me well enough. I’m not going to fix that round, either - it’s in an area where there will be minimal stress. But I’ll be careful with the next sock.

The multi-colored yarn is by Regia and very unevenly spun. That’s a hard one to call, and one you would never notice, till you begin knitting. The variation between thick and thin spinning in a fingering weight yarn is minimal to the eye - but it is very visible once knit up. The burgundy solid yarn is by Schoeller-Stahl - it’s called Zimba Top and I really like it. It’s a bit thicker and it’s more uniformly spun. (The orange is Brown Sheep, as I mentioned yesterday.)

I haven’t done much of a search, but it’s difficult to find solid color sock yarn these days. Now, I like those interesting multi color yarns - but I really like the solid colors best. I want to do some cabled and some lace socks and I have no desire to knit them in Mexico or any of the self-striping yarns. Of course, searching for anything on the internet is difficult here at home because our monitor is so crummy. The new computer setup is to be delivered this week and I will probably spend much more money on-line than I am used to.


But I will be able to view photos people post on their blogs - and send via email.

I also plied up the merino. It’s a very thick yarn. I often say that a fiber “tells me” what it wants to be, but that’s not always true. Or, perhaps I should say, it’s not wholly true. Depending on what sort of spinning shape I am in, within the parameters of my skill at any given time, the yarn gives me its limited options. I would rather have spun something in a worsted weight out of this fiber, but bulky it is. I am sure it knits at 4 stitches to the inch and maybe at 3.5. Whatever its knitting gauge, I got about 150 yards out of 2 full bobbins of singles, with a little left over on each bobbin. There’s a bit more than half of the unspun fiber left - and I’ll limit my spinning to that till it’s all spun. Next project ought to be to finish the Maple Tree in Autumn merino - but I may do the silk instead - in a lace weight. (Silk is so easy to spin in lace weight). Lacy silk tank top?

I also cast on the cuff for a mitten in a sport weight yarn I plucked from a sale bin - 4 balls, 2 of them a butter yellow, 2 of them the ubiquitous rust. $7.50 for all 4. I’m going to knit them in some all-over stranded colorwork design, to make them good and warm. This gal’s hands are cold and she wants mittens! What I wish I had was about 4 sets of 2-pair Addi Turbos in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. I’m using bamboo circs on the mittens, size 3, and I hate the joins. Why would anybody make any other type of join than the Addi? I mean - why bother?

All in all, it was a restful, fiberly day. Yep, Marg - your prayer for me was answered - thank you so much!

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