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Thursday, February 19, 2004  

I’m still dreaming about my glorious silk. Since last night was make-up night for the knitting class (due to no-show-snow of Tuesday) I didn’t get home till after 9. Not a great time for this lark to begin a spinning project. Besides, I really wanted to do a tiny sample of one of the blends I got from Spirit Trail Fiberworks on Monday. It’s Clunn Forest, Alpaca and Angora and begs to be spun fine and knit into lace. I made a little 20 yard piece just to see - but I have 4 oz and there will be a lace scarf in my future. It spun swiftly and easily - but I really do have to do something about a shorter drive band for HeyBaby. This morning I will either ply up the merino sitting on my ball winder or just leap into the silk. The 20th is the new moon and perhaps I should wait till tomorrow to begin a new project.

K came by work yesterday with samples from Alice Starmore’s Virtual Yarns. She’d ordered them a year ago and I’ve never forgotten those bits of soft color. At last year’s exchange they ran about $7 a skein - quite reasonable for high end wool. This year they’re running a good bit higher - closer to $9. We’ve dithered and pondered about placing an order - largely because it’s a pretty big commitment for an unknown item. Besides - it’s so darn difficult to choose color - I want them all. What made it easier for me was that I’m all wrapped up in knitting small stranded colorwork items - hats, baby sweaters, etc. so I’m ripe for picking just a few of the sportweight (2ply) yarns and experimenting. If I really need a whole sweater, at least I’ll be experienced with her yarns and be more confident about plunking down the $. Anyway - we’re waiting on one other buddy to decide if she wants to order, then K will handle the paperwork.

Yesterday was an extremely productive day at work and it’s left me feeling so much more energized. Even though the next 6 weeks are truly packed with MustDo activities, they seem to be falling into place in a rather tidy efficient manner. Of course, nothing helps raise the spirits like being effective at your job. All the enui and longing for days off fled as my efforts produced little check marks beside ThingsOnTheList. All that went missing was some weight training at the gym. That will get checked off today.

There’s a new yarn shop in Williamsburg and guess what!?! They sell Addi Turbos and just got in a large shipment! Is this good news or is this more like great news. I will not wait. It’s supposed to rain on Saturday anyway, Sheryl will make my house sparkle today - I’m off to shop.

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