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Friday, February 27, 2004  

I almost made it through the work day without “just checking” but when quarter to 5 arrived, I couldn’t resist. I’d been incredibly productive yesterday, but was also pretty bushed - with no 15 minute task left to do. Or rather, with no task I wanted to do. There are always tasks in the library - it’s like being the parent of toddlers - work is never completed, only little bits of it. So I could have worked on cataloging or (ugh) sorting through the paper heaps on my desk. Some of that paper has been massaged for months. After an ordinary day of ticking off items on the list, a 15 minute cataloging session wouldn’t be too obsessive - but after a day like yesterday I really did need something different; a.k.a. soothing. So next time I reach the end of a intense day like yesterday, I’ll spend sometime shelf checking or even browsing through some of the older titles. I’m not out on the floor enough as it is. I just might discover something in that treasure trove that is a library.

Wicked Ellen - to tempt me with more fibers. But Jen’s silk arrived already. And the Interlacements Silks are spinning up swiftly. I’m through all the teal and purple of bobbin #2. What a surprise. The purple section was the least saturated with color - even some white in it - and as it spun out it became not only paler, but bluer. I’ve noticed secondary colors are like that anyway - often they’ll separate on contact with the wet fiber, with one pigment moving both faster and farther along the length of the fibers, so where you tried to dye something with a band of yellow followed by a band of purple, what you get is yellow, green, purple, and blue. It’s endlessly fascinating and the object is to learn to manage that sort of thing so that you get those colors when you want them. Though again, I can make the parent analogy, because no matter how much skillful manipulation we undertake, there is an inherent individuality to all things, both human, and artistic, and you will destroy both your sanity and those others if you insist they be what they are not.

Just in case you don’t remember what I”m doing - I’ve spun one bobbin of hand painted yarn “straight, merely allowing the color changes to occur whenever they showed up in the sequence of the entire roving. For the second bobbin I’ve separated all the colors and have spun one long length of each color. The concept is to ply the two and knit a fabric that goes through each of the different colors once, from darkest of the cool colors through the lightest of the warm colors. Each single segment of color will be flecked with all the different colors.

This second bobbin is filling up swiftly and I have yet to spin the warm colors. The first bobbin is not full, but I have a little more of the roving left. There are also little bits of the stuff that had too much of the adjacent color in them to legitimately go into whatever main color I was spinning at the time. They can go into the flecking single. There is some chance I can finish this whole project this weekend. Once I’ve plied everything I can get a mileage count and know how much yarn there is. That will determine the project. I only hope it doesn’t end up a darn old scarf. Well. It won’t. If there isn’t enough for a tank top I’ll just spin up some plain silk and knit a weskit type top, using the pretty colors in the front and the plain for the back. Heck, I could even buy some plain silk - that sounds even better.

Whew. Well. That’s a relief. If there is one thing I hate, it’s not being able to wear what I make. Mind, now, I wear scarves, but I don’t want this stuff as a scarf.

I also finished the first of the novelty scarves up to, but not including the little tassel. I want to thread the ends of the tassel through a bead and I think I’ll commission 2 fimo beads from an artist friend of mine. The beads would need to be light and have large holes to use with this funky yarn and polymer clay seems the perfect medium. I can make fimo beads, but she makes such beautiful ones. And I’m deep into knitting these days, not claywork.

I went straight from that scarf to the Barbie colors scarf. I bought these yarns for my little goddaughters and hope to get two little girl sized scarves out of the lot. Besides being the colors these girls like to wear, they are both complimentary and appropriate for 5 and 7 year olds. And kiddie scarves are so much shorter than adult ones.

And happy news from D&P. They’ll be here Saturday for a sleep-over! And we are just hick enough for the girls to play with the girls and the boys to do stuff outdoors. LD promises us either rockfish or catfish, depending on the catch, and P is going to become a spinner. I think I”ll start her on the Falkland Island stuff. It’s so obliging and obedient. Maybe do a bit of fiber dyeing too. Yes. Sounds perfect - only, this is not a Sheryl week so I best be off to clean house!


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